A Logbook Apart – The 6 Coolest Logbooks You’ve Ever Seen

Middle Earth Log BookWe all know the online log is where the meat of your geocaching story goes after a successful find.

There’s one constant with your traditional geocaching experience. You find the geocache and you sign the log book. Usually the geocache logbook get nothing more than a signature and a quick smiley-face. But some geocache owners have taken their maker madness to the next level, crafting such elegant and clever logbooks you’ll wish you had more to say.

As with this Tolkien-inspired logbook by Mr Derek M, some geocache owners decide to fit the logbook to the theme of the geocache. Lord of the Rings fans may find themselves scrambling for good Gandalf quotes after they’ve made this find. Might we suggest, “Not all who wander are lost…”?






There are logbooks that take things literally. And when we say literally, we really mean literally.



Just because it’s a nano, doesn’t mean it can’t have a cool logbook!



The Geocaching HQ Geocache logbook is one example of a non-traditional logbook. Visitors to Geocaching HQ take their silly photos in a photo-booth, and paste one of the resulting photo-strips in the photo-logbook.

HQ photo log


In a similar vein, this Hong Kong geocache has finders take selfies with a Polaroid, which they can place in the log on the spot.



Amidst all this creativity, practicality has a role to play as well. As a geocache owner, you may simply not want to have to replace the logbook very frequently. The solution? Giant logbook.


Of course, it’s really at Event-Caches where you can take your logbook creativity to the next level.

So tell us: which logbooks have made you laugh out loud?



Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.