Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • Dave DeBaeremaeker

    Well played.

  • knuckles77


  • Geocacher

    Yeah, a lock-n-lock which was for month or year outdoors… i would put in anything but not food…

  • Öpe

    Same goes for the #3 tip..

    Plus the fact that lock-n-lock’s locks are usually the first things to fail

  • Matthew Faulkner Collins

    So funny!! Whoever would of thought to use these things for their actual intended use?? Very clever made me chuckle!

  • Jekub

    I love these novel ideas for repurposing geocache containers, I have a tiny bison tube which now hangs from my cats collar, No logbook as moveable caches are not allowed but if he is lost, then anyone finding him can open the container and they will find a phone number to contact me so I can get him back. If you spot him, he answers to the name sarcasm. (He is always lost to some people)

  • denance

    Lol – that was also my first thought ?

  • ninjadogg

    Too funny… “Re-use”, “upcycled” more like true recycling…. Back to original functions, rather than new uses!

  • Beth

    Also good for storing old dog turds. 😉

  • Johan Stapelberg

    I’m sorry, but these are all terrible ideas. If a geocache container can no longer be used as a geocache container, it is likely because it is no longer water and/or airtight, and is probably the worse for wear due to damage and exposure to the elements. None of these ideas would make any sense if that is the case. Matches need to stay dry, birds want a dry bird house, food and pills in sunweathered containers? Bad idea. The only idea that could work is the fake rock becoming a hiding place for a key.. but if the rock is still in tact and able to fool burglars, it would still make more sense to just leave it be or place it elsewhere again as a geocache..

  • orbit6

    This is this “CRAZY hacks”? It’s useful for idiots, but it isn’t crazy.

  • Jessica Massey

    I thought this was kinda funny…not as funny as some of the other comments, though.

  • Jessica Massey

    Read it again, Johan. It was meant as humor. 😉

  • Leslie

    I really can’t believe how many people took this article seriously!!! Use your common sense, people! Yeesh!