Triglav 2864 — Geocache of the Week

by TeMpL Team
N 46° 22.692 E 013° 50.175

At 2,864m (9,396ft), Mount Triglav may not be breaking any peak height records (though it is the highest peak in Slovenia), but it could be the only mountain in the world with a rocket on top.

Triglav "spaceship". Photo by Očko.
Triglav rocket. Photo by Očko.

Okay, okay, so it isn’t really a rocket. But the comically small, perfectly cylindrical hut does look more aerodynamic than quite necessary for something entirely earthbound.

Mount Triglav rises well into the clouds above Slovenia, towering over a national park of the same name. Since its first recorded summit on August 26, 1778, droves of climbers have made it to the top. According to the cache page, “It is now said that you are not a complete Slovenian until you have climbed Triglav.” Although the climb is strenuous and requires special equipment, it can be done by most people in reasonably fit condition.

Triglav from below. Photo by Soilworker.
Triglav from below. Photo by Soilworker.

It’s customary to pose for a group photo with the rocket.

Photo by jaja a paja.
Photo by jaja a paja.
Photo by Jpety
Photo by Jpety.
Photo by Ke4up
Photo by Ke4up

For many geocachers, finding the Mount Triglav cache is an even better reward than the photo opportunity or the sense of superiority you have over your friends who haven’t climbed a mountain.

Photo by  jakteam.
Photo by jakteam.

The cache may have one of the best views in the world…at least, when it’s not buried underneath the snow.


GC14N3H. Photo by aqua55.
GC14N3H. Photo by aqua55.

Although the cache faces the same hazards of weather and climate that many mountain caches face and sometimes goes missing, we hope that it remains active for many years to come.

Photo by Whoever_CZ .
Photo by Whoever_CZ .

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