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The world’s most friend-ly geocaching photos

During Friend to Find Week, thousands of geocachers took their “muggle” friends to find their very first cache.

We were thrilled with the submissions to the Friend to Find photo contest. Almost 2000 entries, from every corner of the world, provided evidence for a lot of friend-ly geocaching. The pictures were all so fun, we wish we could have named them all winners! However, we did cull it down to the Top Ten that we felt did the best job of portraying the breadth of your experiences. Well done to all of the participants, and congratulations to the winners – a new profile badge is headed your way!


Notognio with Jicki123 at GLPCQXHP

Notognio with Jicki 123 at first one (GLPCQXHP), Luxembourg
A small cache nets big smiles from these two pals!


Seemyshell with InTheLoop at GLPF8P1J

Seemyshell with InTheLoop at 1000 Young (GLPF8P1J), New South Wales, Australia
Seemyshell knows that if you’re going to introduce a friend to geocaching, you might as well start at the top!


Misselyne with GOCLO at GLPF85TA

Misselyne with GOCLO at la nano a Eric Monté à bord svp (GLPF85TA), Quebec, Canada
Could these two be any more excited?


Abbysch1 with Ces1993 at GC5B203

Abbysch1 with Ces1993 at Bailey’s Happy Landing (GC5B203), Connecticut, United States
Extra points for bringing the entire crew!


HumbleCat with ETraveller at GLPG6P4N

HumbleCat with ETraveller at Bassett Cove (GLPG6P4N), Southwest England, United Kingdom
Photobomb, geocaching style.


xprank with sysmeg at GC4FNB8

xprank with sysmeg at Зелен ад – Zelene peklo – Green Hell (GC4FNB8), Bulgaria
Keep smiling, don’t turn around. Nothing to see back there.


Icke! with DieKaiserin at GLPGEJMC

Icke! with DieKaiserin at “Klein Venedig” (GLPGEJMC), Bayern, Germany
Thumbs up for new adventures!


Robo56 with Paty-Ruth at GLPGNFNK

Robo56 with Paty_Ruth at 4P- Ctenicky haj (GLPGNFNK), Czech Republic
This is why it’s always better to geocache with a friend – you never know when you’ll need that extra lift!


TeamHokulea with CacherTobi at GLPGTN4Y

TeamHokulea with CacherTobi at Hawaii Kai TB hotel (GLPGTN4Y), Hawaii
Island-style geocaching.


KristaWalks with Zoey_the_Puppy at GLPGAG4A

KristaWalks with Zoey_the_Puppy at Elmiras Famous #3 (GLPGAG4A), New York, United States
Honorable Mention (to be fair, when we announced the contest, we never specified the number of legs).


A big thanks to everyone who participated in Friend to Find Week.

Who first introduced you to geocaching? Tell us in the comments below.