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Newest Geocaching country souvenir: China

China official souvenir

The People’s Republic of China:

China’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and an abundance of adventures await you. If that’s not enough and you need another reason to visit, we’ve got you covered. You can now earn a geocaching souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event in China!

China 5 Geocaches

Here are five noteworthy geocaches to get you started:

Like mountains, lakes are considered sacred by people of this area, and EarthCache Yamdrok Lake Overlook clearly shows why. The lake is revered as a talisman, and is said to be part of the life-spirit of the area. Don’t underestimate the amount of gasping for air any physical activity will ensure, the elevation is ~4,400 meters (~15,000 feet).

Yamdrok Lake Overlook
Yamdrok Lake Overlook GC2V1HN


EarthCache Mount Emei – GE7 is located at one of Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Near the top of the mountain you will find more than 70 Buddhist monasteries of the Ming and Qing period, including the first Buddhist temple built in China in the first century.

Emei Mountain EarthCache
Emei Mountain – GE7


The Terracotta Warriors have lain underground for more than 2,000 years. However, in 1974, farmers digging a well uncovered one of the greatest archaeological sites ever found. So far, archaeologists have uncovered a 20-square-mile compound, including some 8,000 terracotta soldiers, along with numerous horses and chariots, a pyramid mound marking the emperor’s tomb, remains of a palace, offices, storehouses and stables. You’ll also find a simple, small, grey box with a logbook, a pen, and rooms for a few trackables.

The Terracotta Warriors GC30Y71
The Terracotta Warriors GC30Y71


Some still believe the Great Wall of China can be seen from the Moon, but that claim has been debunked many times. Apparently, the width of the Great Wall from the Moon is relatively the same as looking at a human hair from 3 km (2 mi) away, so if you get to the Moon make sure to bring your glasses. Regardless, you can log this out-of-the-world Virtual Cache Meeting Mao on The Great Wall near the monument close to the second and third towers.

Meeting Mao on The Great Wall GCKB03
Meeting Mao on The Great Wall GCKB03


Huangshan Geopark is an EarthCache highlighting the Huangshan (黄山 literally Yellow Mountain), a mountain range in the southern Anhui province in eastern China. A frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature this area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China’s most popular tourist destinations.

Huangshan Geopark
Huangshan Geopark GC1B40Q


We’ll unveil one or two new souvenirs every week until all FIVE are officially released and awarded by mid December. A list of currently available geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you’ve already earned can be found on And, if you’ve already found a geocache in China, we will automatically add this souvenir to your profile.

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