Here it is! van "Kluis tot Kookhuis"

van “Kluis tot Kookhuis” — Geocache of the Week

by Rebel & the Bandits
Limburg, Netherlands
N 50° 51.091 E 005° 41.410
An idyllic town square in Maastricht
An idyllic town square in Maastricht

The town of Maastricht in the Netherlands has an impressive number of 1677 national heritage sites, which is the second highest number of a Dutch town, after Amsterdam. It’s become known as the birthplace of the European Union, European citizenship, and the single European currency, the euro.

A lovely row of buildings
A lovely row of buildings

As with many European towns, there is a idyllic town square in Maastricht. On the perimeter of this area sits a lovely row of buildings. One building in particular has an impressive history. Over the years, this building has been:

  • Butchery
  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Rehearsal space
  • Savonnerie (rug seller)
  • Soap merchant
  • Glass and pottery store
  • Piano seller
  • Housing casualties of World War II
  • Mayor’s residence
  • Location of signing of Treaty of Maastricht
  • Bank
  • Cookware retailer (current use)
Currently a cookware shop
Currently a cookware shop

This geocache has 6,891 logs and 2,733 favorite points, earning it unofficial cult-status amongst devout geocachers. Since it was formerly a bank, the thick walls of concrete and steel prevent accurate coordinates from being received. To find this geocache, you’ll need to guesstimate the location, take note of the address, then head inside.

Formerly a bank
Formerly a bank
Can you figure out which box is the geocache?
Can you figure out which box is the geocache?

It’s placed with permission of the owner (who’s also a devoted geocacher), and there are limited hours, so plan accordingly. What you find shall be worth more than all the riches in the Netherlands: a smiley. Just make sure you don’t get logged out, or locked in.

The geocache looks exactly like one of these...
The geocache looks exactly like one of these…

K-WAY (translated from German)
After the visit of the marvelous market, you can also see what it is all about in “Kluis tot Kookhuis”. When visiting the cache, of course, should not be forgotten, which I like to give an FAV. WOW. I was just thrilled and would have no idea how long to stop me. TFTC Karsten

Cabo da Roca
This cache has been on my wishlist for a long time! Today KatnissTonks and I went on a trip to Maastricht. Right at the beginning of our tour we looked for the old vault room. Really awesome, that there is such a nice cache! Thank you for the exceptional experience and the showing of this interesting place!

Micweig (translated from German)
Today we are together with Team “bone crusher” started from the Eifel to graduate from our personal 3-country Challenge. Maastricht was our first stop of the round and on this one we were first aware that Favi points speak for themselves. 😉
After some Sucherei we were still able to find. Brilliant. Something we have not seen. Secured as Fort Knox, we have registered us in the logbook. Of course, we leave here a bow and thank you for this great start!
For me personally memories were awake. Here I have but spent many weekends in my youth, a great city, again and again!

Found it!
Found it!
Always sign the log
Always sign the log
This is one of Signal's favorite geocaches!
This is one of Signal’s favorite geocaches!
Make sure you don't get locked out (or locked in)
Make sure you don’t get locked out (or locked in)

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