3 million geocaches: the infographic.

A major milestone like 3 million geocaches is the perfect excuse to make an infographic. Who doesn’t love infographics?!

In all seriousness, this achievement is thanks to efforts by people all around the world. Collectively, they contributed millions of hours of time — time spent researching hiding spots, making containers, reviewing caches, hosting events, cleaning up the environment, and more. The result is more than 3 million geocaches. It’s 3 million experiences as interesting and varied as the people who created them!

Here’s a look inside 3 million geocaches:


  • Dayna Hilton

    Molly the Geocaching Dog and I LOVE STATS!!! Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing!

    Do you have an idea what the lucky 3 millionth cache is?

  • Donna Jean Schultz-Shagena

    Absolutely love all these stats!! I was curious as to what the 3 millionth was as well! And come on USA cachers – we need to be #1 lol! Only need 100k or so to have more hidden than Europe….

  • Annika

    Glad you like it 🙂 We do love us some stats too!

    Technically there are a few geocaches that are the 3 millionth. 3 million active caches were live, than some were archived so we went below 3 million and came back up. This happened a couple of times before we called it official. Because of it being a bit arbitrary and because we really wanted to highlight that this was an effort by EVERYBODY, we’re not searching for the 3 millionth cache this time.

    #we’reall3millionth 😉

  • Gizmo

    Always make a competition of everything? So deeply annoying…

  • Janne Kovanen

    ‘You’d need to visit 191 out of 193 countries’. I know there is no cache in North Korea, but what’s the other cache-less country?

  • Brigitte

    Nauru! Tiny island northeast of Australia.

  • Terence Bergmann

    Hey Donna, look again at that map. North America, from a geocaching perspective, includes Canada, Mexico, and the whole of the Caribbean and Central America. That is a lot of caches that are not US of A.

  • Lobotomy

    2071 continuous days of finding a cache

  • JimRKY

    3 million? Only 2,998,679 to go! Yay! I know what I’m doing in ‘Retirement’ 8-D Seriously, such a wonderful, living game that brings us into contact with so many others – and with a common interest! We’re always finding ourselves acting as impromptu ‘Ambassadors’ for Geocaching.

  • Donna Jean Schultz-Shagena


  • Donna Jean Schultz-Shagena

    I find competition to be fun and motivating, hence the LOL at the end of that sentence. Sorry you find it annoying.

  • hcy_de

    7 million active cachers and only 360.774 owners? Mh …

  • Manfred Beck

    Klasse cach

  • Lisa

    How can you have said what the 2 millionth geocache was if you claim you can’t name the 3 millionth?

  • Jessica Stephens

    Very interesting. Thank you for putting this together. What is the most found cache in the world?

  • Mandi M. Lynch

    Know it all :p

  • Nigel Jennings

    Perhaps the rising number of active caches fluctuated less last time. I really wouldn’t worry about it!

  • Michael Jenc

    Which will propably result in more endless boring power lanes …

  • RBanke

    Two questions from someone who is quite new in this game, hope this is something you will be able to answer.
    1. Which one is the most visited cache in the world and in Denmark?
    2. Is there a way to see which caches are not yet found so you can focus even more on them? And if so how?

  • coleclan

    Equatorial Guinea in Africa also has no geocaches hidden.

  • coleclan

    Nauru is actually part of the Federated States of Micronesia. They have many active caches, just none on that particular island. The 2nd country without caches is actually Equatorial Guinea in Africa.

  • Terry Nix

    Thanks for all these years of geocaching–this is our year number ten. Loads of adventure! Enjoy learning all the interesting facts about the places where cache is stashed. Love the souvenirs! Three million strong!!! Yeah!!!!
    Terry Nix Nature Art

  • Tagdes

    Maybe a million actual caches. A piece of paper you have to pull out of a nano tube with tweezers doesn’t get it. A long way from the real thing like an ammo can. Maybe 2 this year in my city of over 80,000. Been waiting over a year for a travel bug or geocoin. I’ts all about numbers. I’m done with it.