A new logging experience is coming to Geocaching.com

We know that change has been prevalent here at HQ lately, and that it is not always easy. Now in our 17th year, we are addressing some growing pains that only come with being a game nearly two decades old. Namely, old code. Much of the website is unable to support the features today’s geocachers want and need, such as adding a favorite point and photo to a draft on Geocaching.com.

Building a new logging page allows us to incorporate more robust features, respond faster to your feedback and any problems, localize our content to reach more geocachers, fix timezone issues, and make Geocaching.com mobile responsive.

You may be wondering…

When is the new logging page going live? Update: The new logging page is now live!

We are introducing the new logging page through Drafts on the web. Start a draft on mobile and finish it on Geocaching.com to try out the new page. Due to the improved functionality with photos and favorite points, players will be unable to opt-out of the new logging page when completing a draft on Geocaching.com. A feedback banner is available for any questions or suggestions you may have!

The new logging page for creating a new log is now live. You will still have the option of returning to the old logging page when creating a new log, but encourage you to try out the new page and provide any feedback. Feel free to review these forum notes for more information or any questions.

What is new about it?

Aside from a new look and improved usability, drafts created on the Geocaching® App, with photos and favorite points, can now be completed on the web. You can also add or remove a photo while composing your log on Geocaching.com. Lastly, we added an improved way to report a problem (Needs Maintenance/Needs Archived) while you’re logging a cache – no need to write two separate logs. Simply, select the “Needs maintenance” icon while logging the cache, choose the problem (ie. Logbook is full), and continue composing your log as normal.

What does it look like?

What’s next?

All that’s left for you to do is go geocaching! Start a draft in the field and come back to Geocaching.com to finish your log and earn your smiley through the new logging page. Leave your feedback in the survey on the Drafts page or follow along as questions are answered in the forum thread

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