TEATRO ROMANO / ROMAN THEATRE — Geocache of the week

by Adolficus
Mérida, Spain
N 38° 54.909′ W 006° 20.338′

Travel back to the year 15 BC and the splendor of the Roman Empire for this Geocache of the Week. The Roman Theatre of Mérida, Spain, is Europe’s best conserved original stage for theatrical performances and continues the tradition through the annual Mérida Classical Theatre Festival.

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the largest and most extensive archaeological sites in Spain, and find the “cutting-edge” cache container nearby.

Cache owner Adolficus encourages visitors to reenact a tragic play and share photos on logs for others to enjoy.

You may not be able to trust your caching buddies with this cache!



The “cutting edge” cache container
An original gladiator bust from the Roman Empire
Don’t do it!
Gladiator pose
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