Planning a pirate event? Here lies some helpful ideas!

Avast me hearties! It’s time to plan, for the pirate events must be prepared before the geocachers land! The last day to submit events for July 15 and 16 is July 1, 2017 so start yer planning now so as not to miss out on all the fun!

There are really only three things every geocaching event needs in order to stand out: a theme, entertaining games, and geocachers! Follow some of the pirate themed ideas below and you’ll be leading the crew in no time, Cap’n!

First, let your attendees know they’re in the right spot by hoisting a Jolly Roger flag or marking the spot with an X using sidewalk chalk.


It’s not everyday that you get to host a pirate event, so go all in and create your own weathered and aged log book in a bottle!

A pirates life isn’t always easy but there’s always time for fun and games! Try organizing a treasure hunt within the event! Give all guests a series of clues that will lead to a supply of treasure maps. Make the treasure maps lead to the buried treasure which could be anything your budget allows, such as chocolate coins, Mary Hyde tags, or even the logbook!

Alas, you’ve planned your event, and got it approved, so now you’re thinking, “What’s left to do?” Well my friend, you spread the word! Tell your friends and muggles too, for the search for lost treasure you’ll want a crew. The more the merrier on July 15 or 16, 2017. Don’t forget to visit Shop Geocaching for the entire lost treasure of Mary Hyde collection!

If you prefer to cache alone don’t fret! You can go it alone and fare the seas but sailing alone means you’re never at ease…

Anchors aweigh! It’s time to start planning, so share your pirate event ideas in the comments below!

  • Regan Smith

    Was just wondering can we use the jolly Roger flag that is in this post?

  • Geocaching HQ

    Hi Regan, this flag will be available to purchase in Shop Geocaching soon, along with a few other pirate themed items! Keep an eye out in the Shop in the next week or so, thanks!

  • Mark Simmons

    Love. Stole the pirate logo. As any good pirate would do. 🙂

  • Valaina Maher

    Does the person hosting the event also earn the special souvenir on July 15th or 16th?

  • Amy Morrow

    That’s the same weekend as Midwest Geobash, so thousands of people in this area of the US will miss out on an awesome theme party 😫

  • Annika

    Hi Valaina, good question. When you attend your own event, you have to log ‘Attended’ to receive the souvenir. Unlike other cache types, we encourage event hosts to log their own event caches. This is especially important when there is a souvenir for an event — you deserve the souvenir too!

  • L2thaJ

    Ok this is my first event to host. I have a background reserved at a state park for the event as well as our personal cabin. So the area for the event is perfect and paved. There’s kayaking and fishing and playgrounds and a swimming pool in the park. It’s a location good for 3 states cachers to meet at. Now the lock up here is, what do I do for the actual event? The woods behind the event location have no caches placed. If I create a treasure hunt, do I make each phase a cache to earn some smileys? Regardless of that.. I just Neff hello making this fun!! Any help with details would be SOOOOO APPRECIATED!!!

  • S Chinery

    Feeling disappointed in that both this Souvenir Event and the Canada Day one could only be obtained by attending an event. I work all weekend and canto get to attend any event because they take place whilst I am at work. If it was finding a cache it would be so much more simpler as I have marked up various caches to be find for such Souvenir events. Please, in future bear in mind those of us geocaching who work u sociable hours and feel left out because attending e ends just isn’t feasible

  • Christian

    Hi, I was recently hosting a Canada Event, and since I’m also hosting the Mary Hide Event in our town in 2 Weeks, there were lots of questions, what we have to do on the Event day and the further quests for the peaces of the treasure map. In the brief description in your blog post there was only readable “Build your crew by attending or hosting an event and earn a souvenir”.
    Can you at least tell me, *when* there will be more informations about the single missions? Maybe one or two weeks in advanced to the mission itself? Thanks Christian

  • Doris McCarthy

    I will be holding an event at WVA Yeager Airport on July 15 from 7-8:15 am (on my way to the National Jamboree)! Open to the public and everyone is welcome!

    GC7859X ‘Find th’ lost booty o’ Mary Hyde!’

  • Crystal Watts

    I will be attending!

  • First, let your attendees know they’re in the right spot by hoisting a Jolly Roger flag or marking the spot with an X using sidewalk chalk.

  • Kim Nason

    Attending a pirates event on Saturday, should be fun.

  • Majah H

    How do you find an event ? Do you have to be invited ? The Community Discussion Forums are down …… ?