The lost treasure of Mary Hyde

Spanning the globe and the seven seas, we introduce you to the infamous Captain Mary Hyde. Her ship, The Golden Cache, was the fiercest, and the bearded buccaneers and sea legged sailors reported to her. Legend has it that she ruled the high seas for many years, and found no shortage of riches throughout her reign.

We’ve come upon a battered letter, found in a bottle on the shore near Geocaching HQ, with the infamous crest of Captain Mary Hyde. It seems there is one last treasure yet to be found.

Avast ye! Join us for a swashbuckling geocaching adventure through daring feats and stormy seas. Make yer way through a four week souvenir journey to find the lost treasure of Mary Hyde. Up to six digital souvenir moments are up for grabs, and on Geocaching.com is something new to be had…

Some days you’ll be up, and some maybe down, but the only goal is to have fun all around. You’ll want some friends and a desire to cache because this new feature may show who’s first and who ye could pass.

  • July 15-16 – Build your crew by attending or hosting an event and earn a souvenir. The more friends you have on Geocaching.com, the easier it will be to keep sailing on…
  • July 17 – 23 – Though the treasure may seem far away, if you work together you’ll earn the first map piece one day.
  • July 24 – 30 – Don’t be afraid to take the lead, to earn the next map piece you already have everything that you need.
  • July 31 – August 6 – When you work with a crew, earning the third map piece becomes easier to do.
  • August 7 – 13 – Challenge yourself to earn the last piece, or else the search for lost treasure will never cease.

Arrrr you with us? Pledge your participation in the comments below and start planning yer events for July 15 or 16.

Don’t forget to visit Shop Geocaching for the lost treasure of Mary Hyde collection!

  • Hendersons1118

    We would like to be involved!

  • Person Looking at my Blank Cha

    I’ll do it if I can!!!

  • Stewart Mckinney Jr.

    If I’m not in or recovering from surgery, I’m in….

  • Maria Lyon

    I’m in.

  • Marie Cattie

    Anyone looking for a crew member in Ocean City NJ?

  • omarcheli

    I will be at Basecamp Foxtrot for the Jamboree together with another PR Geocaching Association member!!! T5123

  • Buckshot n Foxy

    You bet, matey…we know how to supply grog for our mates!

  • Kelly Marie Awwesome

    We’re in!

  • Mike Holm


  • Macee Richardson

    Anyone forming a team in the Cypress/NWHouston area?? Would love our 4 pack to be involved in the mission!

  • Elizabeth Huxford

    I’m game!

  • Audrey T. Montambault

    The Vile family are in !!!

  • Laura B

    So how exactly does it work? Do you have to attend an actual event to join? Is the “souvenir” an email you’ll get afterwards?

  • Lance Almond

    How do I get all of the souvenirs? Do you find a cache each of the specified weeks? Everyday? Do I need to find them with a group? Will definitely take part in the challenge, I just need some clarification.

  • Stefano Bozzoli

    We’re in!

  • Akashdiya Chakraborty

    Hell yes this sounds cool

  • Craig Stokes

    Count me in!

  • Christine H Straub

    I’m in but other than going to the event,how do we get rest of pieces?

  • Deety

    Come Rest Ye Weary Bones in Salem Oregon, planned and a Willamette Valley crew being established!

  • Coopsational

    I’m in!! Can’t wait!! I LOVE pirate based themes and adventures!!!!

  • Susan

    The souvenir will appear on your page as you log events and tasks.

  • Veli-Pekka Eloranta

    Can I get the souvenir by attending a mega event?

  • Billy boy

    I’m in!! Arrr…

  • John Cumbers

    You bet

  • Gert Cleemput

    Team d’ Ajointjes is in!

  • Annika

    Yes! All event types count towards the souvenir!

  • Annika

    Stay tuned for the newsletter and Facebook announcement in the week before the events (around July 11). It shall be revealed!

  • Annika

    Hi Lance, great questions! You do not have to find caches in a group – but it will make it easier. More information will be revealed in the week before the event weekend (July 11).

  • Dawn Singleton

    We’re on board……

  • Justin Cooper

    Sounds fun love the logo

  • Maria

    I’m iiiin!!!!

  • Maria

    Im in

  • Veli-Pekka Eloranta

    Great! Thanks for the answer.

  • Bart Flentje

    Am I understanding this correctly that of the time periods, only the first requires event host/attendance to earn one of the souvenirs?

  • senoritafish

    Sounds fun – hopefully the mate and fry will want to participate too!