The lost treasure of Mary Hyde

Ahoy mates, the journey has begun. Join your crew on the Friend League and learn how you can find the lost treasure of Mary Hyde here.

Spanning the globe and the seven seas, we introduce you to the infamous Captain Mary Hyde. Her ship, The Golden Cache, was the fiercest, and the bearded buccaneers and sea legged sailors reported to her. Legend has it that she ruled the high seas for many years, and found no shortage of riches throughout her reign.

We’ve come upon a battered letter, found in a bottle on the shore near Geocaching HQ, with the infamous crest of Captain Mary Hyde. It seems there is one last treasure yet to be found.

Avast ye! Join us for a swashbuckling geocaching adventure through daring feats and stormy seas. Make yer way through a four week souvenir journey to find the lost treasure of Mary Hyde. Up to six digital souvenir moments are up for grabs, and on Geocaching.com is something new to be had…

Some days you’ll be up, and some maybe down, but the only goal is to have fun all around. You’ll want some friends and a desire to cache because this new feature may show who’s first and who ye could pass.

Arrrr you with us? Pledge your participation in the comments below and start planning yer events for July 15 or 16.

Don’t forget to visit Shop Geocaching for the lost treasure of Mary Hyde collection!

  • Sarah Chapman

    Aww we missed the first two weeks, but still playing for fun!

  • AriDao

    I’m still not sure how it works. Anyway, if I can be of use as a friend you can send me a request – I have earned 151 coins and got two souvernirs (Weigh Anchor and Smuggler’s Cove)

  • Matthew Williams

    When will geocaching/groundspeak make these challenges/souvenirs more of an actual challenge? They are very nice for new cachers or occasional but do not pose any challenge to someone who cachers daily or even weekly.
    Can we have something better next year please?

  • moviestar7

    My scoring is not right for Week 3! I should have 40 coins. The system gave me 7 for a multi cache and 5 coins for another multi cache

  • Patricia Alderhout

    You have the souvenir by now, right? Thanks for helping me these last weeks by being part of my crew. Such a pity we’re on our own again this final week. Good luck in finding caches!

  • jessiexa

    hum just seen and read the above can one still join. thanks

  • Martin Husmann

    Yes. Ich bin dabei.

  • Terry Wolf

    I am 76 and, when first reading about this activity, chose not to immerse myself. Then, yesterday, at a local event, friends told me about the success I had achieved with this challenge simply by going about my regular caching activities. Surprised me; pleasantly!

  • 4voeter

    Hi who can can explain about the gold my team received today, in the week after the 13th august.

  • Soazromain

    j’y suis depuis debut juillet, j’arrive enfin au bout de cette chasse au trésor!!! 🙂

  • Scott Johnston

    So, the treasure hunt ends, now what? Is there a final prize? I see the friend scoreboard is still active.

  • Sharon Treece

    I am in.

  • Stumba

    Find the hidden word in the treasure chest souvenir, and fill out the webform to receive a free tracking code…

  • Ruth VanSteenwyk

    Anyone have a clue on figuring out the secret word?

  • bernie38

    Wow, incredibly easy, the first word i tried was OK ! Obvious, and indecently easy though i’m neither Fletcher Christian nor William Bligh 😉

  • AustinD05

    uh… sure anyone want to join so far i have two driend thats it!

  • Mark

    Hi I collected all the map pieces, filled in the form, got a message back sayying that I would receive a free trackable,
    I have many friends that have received their trackables but no email for me,
    Who do I contact to get my free trackable please