Who Needs a Bigger Boat? — Geocache of the Week

Da dum… Da dum… Da dum da dum da dum… There’s something fishy about this cache. Just south of Ocean City, Maryland on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean lives a geocache that’s protected by a giant great white shark named “JAWS”. Ocean City has had several great white sightings in recent years, but ‘Who Needs a Bigger Boat -GC1QNP0’ gives a shark sighting experience without the real danger.

The cache owner encourages you to take pictures in the boat and with the shark. 2 Leaves wanted to create a family fun cache that everyone can enjoy, smile, or laugh at.

After warding off JAWS, head into the woods to the guarded camouflaged treasure and claim your smiley!


Name: Who Needs a Bigger Boat

Cache type: Traditional

GC code: GC1QNP0

Cache by: 2Leaves

D/T rating: D1/T1.5

Location: Maryland, United States

Coordinates: N 38° 17.428′ W 075° 08.996′

Link to cache page: coord.info/GC1QNP0

Andrew Baldwin
Andrew is a community manager at Geocaching HQ. He is typically laughing at his own jokes, getting into mischief with Signal, or looking for the next adventure.
  • John Merson

    Yes! We have done this cache, the kids and I had a blast! Very fun!

  • Bamvy

    So… The shark and boat really have nothing to do with it. Some guy just hid a cache near these cool items that were there already. I was impressed at first because I thought the Shark was the cache or something…lol. It’s like taking credit for the Space Needle because you hid a cache near it..I don’t know it just seems odd to me. I like the clever caches that are made by hand or whatnot getting highlighted much more. It might just be me, though.

  • Rosa Borges

    Muito criativo!! Parabéns!!

  • JimRKY

    I recognize those goggles and reptilian crest! ‘The Master will see you now!’ (You better wise up, Janet Weiss!) I like this type of cache, mainly because I also like hokey roadside attractions! This one is on for our next trip up North…probably 2 years <–8-D (Signal Emoticon)