Denali Travel Bug Lodge — Geocache of the week

by Ladybug Kids
Denali National Park, Alaska
N 63° 44.533′ W 148° 53.640′

“The Last Frontier”, “The 49th State”, “The Land of the Midnight Sun”…

Denali — Athabascan for the “The Great One”

Alaska is called all these things, especially in the summer when the sun may not set. This is the best time of year to go visit Denali National Park, where your chances of viewing North America’s highest peak are stronger.

Just outside the park lives the longstanding (9 years!) Denali Travel Bug Lodge, a well camouflaged geocache in a great location with epic views. This popular cache is great for dropping and retrieving trackables to help them along their journeys.

No matter what time of year, your trackables can enjoy the beautiful views during the midnight sun or the northern lights!

Moose or meese?
A geocacher’s dream house
Be bear aware!
Northern lights in Denali National Park


Ellis is a geocaching Lackey and amateur weekend warrior. Her passion for travel and adventure has taken her to remote villages in the Brazilian Amazon, ski mountaineering in the Andes in Patagonia and sailing the isolated islands of the Kingdom of Tonga. She now resides in Seattle where her daily adventure involves competing with traffic while bike commuting and making frequent side trips to the beautiful Cascades and Puget Sound. She loves incorporating geocaching into all of these activities!