Pirates on the lookout: Introducing the Friend League

Hey ho! In a few days, carousers from every continent will get together to share geocaching tales at pirate geocaching events. Remember to log your will attend for one of these events on July 15 or 16!

Round up all your seaworthy raiders and get familiar with Geocaching.com’s newest feature: the Friend League.

The Friend League is a leaderboard that shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. If you log a cache, or attend an event you collect points in the form of gold coins.

To earn the souvenir with the first map piece you have to collect a combined total of 30 gold coins from July 17 to July 23 together with your crew.* You must individually contribute at least 5 coins to your crew’s total. So, the more friends you have on Geocaching.com, the easier it will be to keep sailing on…

Start yer quest!

Learn more in the FAQ’s:
Still scratching your skull? Head on over to the frequently asked questions to learn more.

*You can still earn the souvenirs on your own if you reach the total required number of gold coins each week.

Get on board:

  1. Add friends to your Friend League.
  2. Go geocaching to earn gold coins:
  3. Collect a combined total of 30 gold coins together with your crew. You MUST individually contribute at least 5 coins to your crew’s total.
  4. All logs must be submitted by Wednesday, July 26, 5 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), noon UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to qualify for the first souvenir.
  5. Later that day (Wednesday, July 26) you will be notified by email if you earned the first souvenir. (Make sure to sign up for the Weekly Newsletter and Educational and Promotional in your email preferences.)
  6. To learn how to earn the next souvenir, follow Geocaching on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for the Weekly Newsletter.
  7. If you earn all four souvenirs and complete the treasure map, you’ll earn the meta treasure chest souvenir!
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  • Rick Jackson

    Add me to your friends list GITIT. I accept all friend requests.

  • Domout

    Please add “Domout” to your League ! This game is so crazy and interesting !

  • Mariana E. Belli

    Los 3 primeros de la liga, reciben un premio especial?

  • Mariana E. Belli


  • Christina Hoffower

    You can add me… CacheNewbie27 to your friends list.

  • nct

    “Points” and “coins” are synonymous. If you need 30 coins for the July 17th-23rd souvenir, then you need 30 points.

  • Bat284

    Isn’t that nice? I post a question on how to see my score so far and rather than get an answer my post vanishes.

  • Bat284

    Avast! Well I’ll be scuppered, it’s at the bottom of the PLAY menu on the homepage navigation menu. T’is one o’ them things people who build things know, but take fer granted everyone else knows, too. It’s disguised as something called Friend League (which sounds more like a bunch of people flying around in tights.)

  • madman6666

    Join my team in the worlds largest treasure hunt.
    Please add madman6666

    #maryhyde #geocaching

  • Charlene Kageler Stony Coffman

    I just requested all you who put your name out there! Ready for this treasure hunt! 🙂 Add “coach cache”.

    I already have points right now. Is this just to get us used to it?

  • mel sanders

    “Remember to log your will attend for one of these events . . .” – this doesn’t really make sense. Please clarify!

    does this mean there are formal events all around we can attend? how can we join a Friend League? thanks!

  • Cherrys Rule

    Ahoy. Thar’s an event nearby ‘n I be headin’ out t’ try ‘n get a few more hands fer me crew.

  • Rick Jackson

    Add me to your friends list GITIT. I accept all requests.

  • Pipesy

    So I missed an event this weekend due to other commitments… does that mean I don’t get the souvenir now?

  • Dog and Bear

    Dear friends and mattes,

    I am on a special quest different then
    any other I am looking for friends near and far to join me and a
    loyal crew to journey the world. I ask you to except this offer of
    friendship, if so I welcome you aboard. Your Captain Dog, along with
    my first mate Bear. I except all scallywag all over the world Thank you for joing my crew

  • Dog and Bear

    My event had over 50 happy pirates GC76YVJ

  • Tony Rolfe

    5am PDT is midnight in Sydney. This means that I cannot log todays caches and still get my gold coins. Why not reset at 00:00 local time? Think about the rest of the world, we aren’t all in Seattle you know.

  • Roland Ballwieser

    There wasn`t an event near my home location last weekend. Can I start the search for the treasure hunt without the event? I logged a cache (1.12 P.M. UDC) and it didn’t show up in my friend league.

  • Rick Jackson

    Add me GITIT.

  • Rick Jackson

    Add me GITIT

  • Rick Jackson

    Add me to your friends list GITIT

  • cachingdragonflies

    Aye! We would love to make some new friends from around the world. We are a team of young adults and a couple kiddos. Let’s get our treasure! Arrrrrgghh! -cachingdragonflies

  • Phil

    Add me, Philpil11. Already have 5 points

  • Melissa Courson

    I am having trouble adding friends. I typed in there username and it says that they don’t exist. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Operator310


  • Lisa Watts-Farley

    We just found our first Webcam Cache. But I don’t see any points added. It has over 200 fav points, so we thought we were adding 10 coins to our total. Does it not count?

  • Cheryl Macke

    I don’t understand how to build a crew. Can anyone help? Our username is Team McOwen.

  • stevshe

    you can add me as a friend if you would like

  • stevshe

    you can add me.

  • Cheryl Macke

    I still am not sure what I’m doing. I am Team McOwen. I will try and add you. Thanks.

  • Debbie Legere

    I have some mateys that will be walking the plank come Monday morning, lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4110333838fcb1a3382a92c31a8cb1449fd377d594e456ec92b27af3cefb71db.jpg

  • Debbie Legere
  • Kevin

    I know I’m a little late into it, but I just learned about this challenge. If you need someone on your crew, I’ll do my best to help!

  • Jandt

    So when does the challenge come out that begins July 24th? Does anybody e know what the goal for this week is?

  • Heather Medina

    Hi Cheryl, I think it’s not really user friendly but learned to Add someone when you click on their name under it is a big + symbol, click on it.