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This week July 17-July 23, work with your crew to collect 30 gold coins on the Friend League and earn the first map piece souvenir. You’ll be one step closer to finding the lost treasure of Mary Hyde!

The more friends you have on Geocaching.com, the easier it will be to keep sailing on…Don’t have many geocaching friends? Share your username in the comment section of this blog post. If others follow suit, you can add each other on Geocaching.com and make friends all over the world!

To earn the souvenir you must contribute at least 5 gold coins towards your crew’s total. The Friend League will refresh every Monday at 5am (PST), noon (UTC). This week’s souvenir will be awarded to your profile on Wednesday July 26, 2017.

Week 1 point values:

  • Find and log a geocache = 5 gold coins.
  • Find and log a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points = 10 gold coins.
  • Attend and log an event cache = 10 gold coins.

Still scratching your skull? Head on over to the frequently asked questions to learn more.


Get on board:

  1. Add friends to your Friend League.
  2. Go geocaching to earn gold coins:
  3. As a team, earn 30 gold coins to receive the first map piece souvenir. (You MUST individually contribute at least 5 coins to earn the souvenir.)
  4. All logs must be submitted by Wednesday, July 26, 5am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), noon UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to qualify for the first souvenir.
  5. Later that day (Wednesday, July 26) you will be notified by email if you earned the first souvenir. (Make sure to sign up for the Weekly Newsletter and Educational and Promotional in your email preferences.)
  6. To learn how to earn the next souvenir, follow Geocaching on  Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for the Weekly Newsletter.
  7. If you earn all four souvenirs to complete the treasure map, you’ll earn the meta treasure chest souvenir!

Start yer quest!

  • Heather Medina

    Cashounds, looking for a crew for the treasure hunt.

  • TheLockwoodFamily

    Please add us!!

  • Sue Bayliss

    Bit late I know, but I need help!!! Does anyone still need crew? Subay

  • curious

    Thanks…that’s what we figured.

  • Diane WILTON

    Glad to join the crew.

  • Viktor Kapinus

    I’m subscribed…

  • Mccormack

    I need crew feel free to request

  • Mccormack

    I need a crew feel free to request

  • Marilyn@StHelens

    I am confused about it all! How do you join a crew?


    New to this! Is it too late to join a team? ILOVEJONO

  • MushroomSwag

    I am sad that I have no friends :(. Will you be my friend?
    Note: My geocaching username is geoblob1, not MushroomSwag.

  • MushroomSwag

    Ahoy, Matey!

  • Operator310

    möchte meine crew erweitern…Operator310

  • Niko Rigan

    Hello, i don’t understand why only one cache is validate. But I found 4 caches this week ?

  • Julie Loeffler Anderson

    If you want to add me you are guaranteed points. I am on a streak and must cache every day😉

  • Julie Loeffler Anderson

    Add Lucky7!

  • Becky Teeple-Binder

    what is your user name so I can add you?

  • Becky Teeple-Binder

    what is your user name so I can add you?

  • Amanda Kevin Vines

    Despite attending an event on 22nd July (where I dropped & retrieved three TBs (3 in & 3 out)) ..I still have not been awarded the relevant souvenir 😱🙈😖😵.
    How can I get it? Please help!!
    Thanks Mandmade (& man)

  • Stephen Reisner

    I’m looking for a crew too! OK to add me

  • K8)rose

    I’m in! Waiting to see if I’ll get the first souvenir still

  • UtahRunner5

    Feel free to add me! I’d love to have some crew mates! – UtahRunner5

  • John

    I would like to be added to a team:

    Thank you!

  • Daryl Stocker

    Jacaru & wemnog. Add us if you like. We have 47 points so far

  • Julie Loeffler Anderson


  • Julie Loeffler Anderson

    If anyone needs points add me I cache every day.

  • Chantal Foster

    I need a crew not sure how this works… sad I started a bit late…

  • Trayce Rogers

    Please everyone add me texaskartracers

  • Ken Wilson

    Friend request sent 🙂

  • Ken Wilson

    Hi, join the gang. PK

  • Lynda Hall

    Pagley69 – please add me

  • sebek4321

    please add me my user is sebek4321

  • Laura Knox

    Add knocksy6 pleeze!

  • Mike Hansen

    I missed the second souvenir.
    I was on Honeymoon / family – friends travels in the USA – Maryland and some day in Kiel – Germany.
    Got to a event in USA – Got the souvenir, but I logged my caches from Kiel – Germany first yesterday – Do I not get the souvenir……

  • Marble Lady

    I don’t think my found geocaches since July17th have been added?
    It is indicated that I have a “message in a bottle” …I am not seeing it.

  • Bob Ruth

    Thanks Julie we need you aboard

  • Diane WILTON

    Hi Ken, I can’t figure out what to do about joining the crew if I have to do anything. I have been out of town, and no computer. I have done a couple of geocaches, including a multi stage one last week. Any clues as to if that is counting?