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This week July 17-July 23, work with your crew to collect 30 gold coins on the Friend League and earn the first map piece souvenir. You’ll be one step closer to finding the lost treasure of Mary Hyde!

The more friends you have on Geocaching.com, the easier it will be to keep sailing on…Don’t have many geocaching friends? Share your username in the comment section of this blog post. If others follow suit, you can add each other on Geocaching.com and make friends all over the world!

To earn the souvenir you must contribute at least 5 gold coins towards your crew’s total. The Friend League will refresh every Monday at 5am (PST), noon (UTC). This week’s souvenir will be awarded to your profile on Wednesday July 26, 2017.

Week 1 point values:

  • Find and log a geocache = 5 gold coins.
  • Find and log a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points = 10 gold coins.
  • Attend and log an event cache = 10 gold coins.

Still scratching your skull? Head on over to the frequently asked questions to learn more.


Get on board:

  1. Add friends to your Friend League.
  2. Go geocaching to earn gold coins:
  3. As a team, earn 30 gold coins to receive the first map piece souvenir. (You MUST individually contribute at least 5 coins to earn the souvenir.)
  4. All logs must be submitted by Wednesday, July 26, 5am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), noon UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to qualify for the first souvenir.
  5. Later that day (Wednesday, July 26) you will be notified by email if you earned the first souvenir. (Make sure to sign up for the Weekly Newsletter and Educational and Promotional in your email preferences.)
  6. To learn how to earn the next souvenir, follow Geocaching on  Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for the Weekly Newsletter.
  7. If you earn all four souvenirs to complete the treasure map, you’ll earn the meta treasure chest souvenir!

Start yer quest!

  • stevshe

    I’m new to this too but feel free to add me as well.

  • destiny beaugrand

    Add me please PierLakeGirl

  • Matt Black

    Souvenirs, once they appear, remain even if the log that generated them is deleted. That, presumably, is why people cheat. They are only cheating themselves so I just shrug and move on.

  • destiny beaugrand

    Sent you an invite

  • WardGr

    WardGr – if one of your friends doesn’t find any caches, does only he not get the souvenir or the whole crew?

  • Ida

    Hello im from sweden. Ad me to your team “jocke å ida”

  • Logan Throckmorton

    Invite me to please I’m FARSUPERSLIME

  • Christine Augustine

    Add me, Chocolabs.

  • Christine Augustine

    Add me, Chocolabs

  • Laura Croy Sanders

    I need a crew! Add me mateys!

  • Christine Augustine

    Add me, Chocolabs. Thanks

  • Christine Augustine

    Will be friends from Michigan. Chocolabs

  • Christine Augustine

    Will help. Chocolabs from Michigan.

  • Stu

    need your caching name to do that.

  • Laura Croy Sanders


  • Laura Croy Sanders

    Forgot to add my user name. Oops! LandA16. Thanks!

  • Jim Carsone

    Anybody still recruiting? Sorry, as I was a little late to the game on this one…Plan on finishing my 30 today.
    User is TheGib

  • Laura Croy Sanders

    I need crew. What’s your username name?

  • Jim Carsone


  • Laura Croy Sanders

    Sent invite

  • Laura Croy Sanders

    Sent request

  • Sharon wenz

    Need couple people on my team. Alone here. Sharonw6 on GEO

  • Cristina Machado

    Se quiseres que te adicione, diz o nick. Ou podes adicionar-me (ginormicas).

  • Carol Norrish

    Happy to be added to any crew 🙂 Dylan1966

  • dartmoorsheep

    Anyone still looking for crew members? I could really use a few people on my team. Feel free to add me 🙂
    Username: dartmoorsheep

  • Glenda MacDonald

    I need more sea worthy mates!! Add me Mrs. Canadian castro or hubby Canadian castro

  • Christine Wolf

    looking to join a group. I have no one. Just started.

  • Cyndi Park

    Hi! It would be great to make some geocaching friends. Feel free to add me, cyyndi. 🙂 Happy caching!

  • Glenda MacDonald

    Same add me Mrs Canadian castro

  • trybat

    I need some friends too…
    username: trybat

  • Stu

    What is your caching name?

  • oliSchwarz

    Please add me, I am looking for a crew

  • piri_chillies

    i need some friends, i’m in germany near munich

    i need some friends all over the world 😉 please feel free to add me

  • Julie Loeffler Anderson

    If anyone needs guaranteed point just add me Lucky7!

  • Anja De Jong-van Gerner

    Hello Sarah, tried to add you, but you have blocked new friends…..
    grtz Team HARFY

  • Darrell Buffenmeyer

    I’d like to sign up.

  • Cheryl Macke

    I still am not sure how to add a crew but I’m Team McOwen. I will try to add you to mine if you want.

  • Bob Richey

    New Mexico crew, join us or add us to your crew.

  • Lolly Winne

    Would love to be added to a crew! Anyone? Bueller?? 😉

  • sandersonhunters

    Please add us SandersonHunters ! Can’t promise we will complete every weeks challenge but we will give it a good try!!

  • Lizzie Woolley

    I am also looking for a crew. My username is wifferjbiffer.

  • Lizzie Woolley

    Are you still recruiting?

  • parrotmom

    dufzor Please add me! 🙂

  • Leah Vesonder

    I’d love to join a crew, but I’m not sure how! My name is Ruth Persephone. I already have enough points for this souvenir, I just have to log them.

  • Christopher Holbrook

    Yar! Need mateys!
    Our name is royalty1 (me and my beautiful wench!)

  • Robert Imperatrice

    Sending request. RLDrosophila.

  • Vanessa Miller

    Vanessasublime needs mateys

  • Kathy

    i am new to this and was wondering if this the mary hyde was just in my area in florida or do you have to travel out of state for these clues???

  • Stu

    As it says in the instructions :
    Add friends to your Friend League.
    Go geocaching to earn gold coins:
    As a team, earn 30 gold coins to receive the first map piece souvenir. (You MUST individually contribute at least 5 coins to earn the souvenir.)

    Just go out and find caches

  • Heather Medina

    Hi, will add you