The lost treasure of Mary Hyde has been found!

It’s been quite the journey sailing the geocaching seas, working with your crew and searching for treasure. In fact, over 47,400 geocachers earned the treasure chest souvenir, finding the lost treasure of Mary Hyde!

We’ve rounded up Mary Hyde treasure hunting photos from Canada to Italy, and many places in between. Here are some of our favorite pirate photos from around the world!

Event: GC782DV
Event: GC77NRK
Event: GC773Q5
Event: GC784QD
Event: GC777Q0
Event: GC781N8

What was your favorite part of search for the lost treasure of Mary Hyde?

  • Pieter de Beer

    What is a souvenir?
    Can you buy them ?
    I have a souvenir from Paris when I visited there 2016. What now ?
    If I do not look at my souvenir ever will I be banned from Planet Earth ?
    If I don’t have one can I find a container?
    Is there a Mother Superior Souvenir to which I can confess ?

  • c2icGeocaching

    The best part will have been the early vent! Disguised as a pirate I asked the geocachers to sign the logbook with their blood! 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac57c11d7652ee347e07ca00703e5be39632ccd6bfd518fb73c4a5c3f57731f2.jpg

  • Peter Wiborn

    I have not yet received -any email regarding what was promised in this mail from you on August19th.. I wonder why?


    Congratulations on finding the lost treasure of Mary Hyde! Your free trackable code will be emailed to you by August 24, 2017 with instructions on how to use it!

    Happy geocaching,
    Your friends at Geocaching HQ”

  • Wessel Schaart

    A souvenir is a digital thing you get from caching on a certain day or at a certain time.
    You can’t buy them, you have to earn ’em.
    Enjoy, you have a souvenir from caching in Paris!
    Nope, you won’t be banned from anything!
    Of course!
    There you go!

  • Debbie Legere

    I too am waiting for the final Mary Hyde code. It’s almost the end of the day on the 24th.

  • JD Phillips

    Still have not received my tracking code. Everyone else got theirs yesterday. What gives?

  • Debbie Legere

    glad I am not the only one… 🙁

  • Luda Kilimnik

    Didn’t get my code either. 😔😔😔 maybe it will come tomorrow

  • Andree Kühn

    Leider noch keinen Tracking Code bekommen! 😉

  • Trine Anette Bratland

    Still waiting for the final Mary Hyde code

  • Pilaf

    I am in late with my emails and I missed the opportunity to gain the code! What a pity! 🙁

  • Brad C

    I didn’t get mine yet either.

  • senoritafish

    We were supposed to get an email? I had contact support to get my souvenirs, as I’d entered them but had the date wrong.

  • Gaby Werni

    leider habe ich noch keinen Trackingcode erhalten . Lg cherry63

  • jb patterson

    Still waiting on mine as well. A strange turn of events. LVSciGuy

  • Kieselnbande2016

    Bisher warte ich vergeblich auf den letzten Teil der Schatzkarte. Kommt diese noch oder wie soll ich das Rätsel lösen?