And action! It’s time to start planning your GIFF event!

The Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) is still three months away (November 2 – 6) but now is the perfect time to start planning your event. Don’t know where to start? Look here for help.

GIFF is your only chance to earn a souvenir by watching a whole series of unique and fun geocaching movies. For more inspiration, check out these amazing moments from GIFF 2016.

Questions you should think about while planning:

  • What equipment will you use to show the finalist films?
  • How many people will come and how many seats do you need?
  • Will your film night have a theme, snacks, or film judging?

How to host a GIFF Event:

  1. Read the tips for hosting an event.
  2. Submit your event listing on Geocaching.com at least two weeks prior to the date of your event and wait for it to be published by a Volunteer Reviewer.
  3. Once your event is published, fill out the GIFF Sign Up Form.
  4. Wait for your event to be approved via email by the GIFF team at HQ.

Approved events will be added to the GIFF 2017 bookmark list and will receive the GIFF film reel file prior to the event.

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  • Enyeto 🐺

    GC79R8P Pour ceux qui sont de Lyon Roanne saint Etienne ou même d’ailleurs…. Dans une vraie salle de cinéma… Lotterie… Goûté… Rigolade… Convivialité… Venez nombreux… réservé votre place dès aujourd’hui…

  • patrice

    question of what type of format the GIFF will be available in. Our church has a digital(runs dvds) projector to our big screens. Do I want to submit a order for “TV” or “projector”?

  • David Copeland

    They usually send it in mp4 format which can be edited into something you can play on a DVD or even better from a flash drive. You’ll be sent a link to a file sharing site that you would download the file from.

  • Geocaching HQ

    Hi Patrice, the film reel will be shared as a .mov or .mp4 digital movie file. With that file, you could burn the file as a DVD, or a format that your TV or projector would accept. I hope this helps answer your question!