New: An events calendar on your Dashboard

We have said it (many times) before – the geocaching community and friendships among geocachers all over the world makes this the game we love. This year alone more than 87,000 geocachers came together at over 24,000 geocaching events and 35 Mega-Events* to play, exchange geocaching stories, and create lifelong friendships.

To be part of the global community of treasure hunters, we want to make it easier for you to connect with fellow geocachers near and far. That is why we’re introducing a new personalized events calendar on your updated Dashboard.

With one look you can see if and when there’s a geocaching event near you. It’s easy to RSVP, look up details about the event, or browse for upcoming events.

Never attended a geocaching event? Here’s what to expect: Geocaching events are hosted by local geocachers. Everyone from newbies, casual treasure hunters, and longtime geocachers with lots of know-how might attend to socialize and talk about the game. Many seasoned geocachers will wear a nametag with their username to the event and bring trackable objects or geocoins to share and trade.

Attending and logging a geocaching event will earn you a smiley and sometimes even a digital souvenir.

Let the host of the event know you’re coming by selecting RSVP and logging your “Will attend”. Make sure to read about event details and let your event host know how many people are in your party.

If your geocaching game is strong and you’ve attended many geocaching events there are a few handy new features on the events calendar for you.

Select any date to see further information about up to three events near you that day, the closest Mega- or Giga**-Event, and their location on a map. The events calendar shows events from the previous, current and upcoming month within a 100 mile (160 km) radius from your home coordinates.

When you log a “Will attend” the color of the date the event takes place changes from red to green, making is easy to see which events you’re going to.

If you’ve added friends on Geocaching.com, you can see when they’re attending the event.

After you’ve been to the event, don’t forget to log your “Attended” log right from the Dashboard and earn your smiley.

Visit your Dashboard and see if there’s an event near you right now!

*Mega-Events are gatherings of 500 or more geocachers.
**Giga-Events are gatherings of 5,000 or more geocachers.

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  • Mariana E. Belli

    Muy buena implementación!

  • Oliver Hieger

    Unfortunately it doesn´t show the closest Events to my homelocation. All Events within a radius of about 40 km are not shown. 🙁 It´s a great idea, but at the moment useless.

  • Charles

    Nice feature, but it needs lots of fine tuning. The nearest event shows up at 133 km, while there are known events at 10km. Own events are not listed in the calendar.
    So, for the time being it’s worth nothing…

  • Charles

    Same problem for my homebase (Belgium). Nearest caches are all in Germany (>100km)

  • Goldenwattle

    Nearest events to me appear to be in the USA. I’m in Australia.

  • Lyle Petry

    When will this be active and where will it show on our dashboards?

  • sumpteretc

    I’ve logged several will attends, but the dates aren’t turning green on my calendar.

  • Jayme Hewitt

    Hmmm…sounds like a bug to me. Do you mind sharing the GC codes on the events that you stuck a ‘Will Attend’ on to help us sleuth out the cause of the issue?

  • Jayme Hewitt

    You should be seeing it now on the upper right side of the new Dashboard.

  • Jayme Hewitt

    Thanks for the feedback, Charles. We’re looking at why owned events aren’t showing up for folks- definitely a bug. Our team is also chatting more about allowing folks to set the radius themselves. We want to make sure that this is a tool that feels useful to the caching community.

  • sumpteretc

    GC7ADYC, GC72Y0H

  • Lyle Petry

    Is it just on PC’s, not mobile?
    All I’ve found on mobile is in community and doesn’t look anything like you’re showing. My closest event is Austria…from North Georgia ?

  • Johan André Vatvedt

    Looks great and I really like it, BUT, please make it so we can change the radius. I have no interest in seeing events 160km from my home (except MEGA and GIGA). I would like to change it to maybe 50km, etc. Would be great if each could change the radius. As it is right now, it lists too many events. I won’t use it much, since it’s too bothersome (to me) to browse through so many.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Jayme Hewitt

    Yep, that’s correct, Lyle – this feature is just on the website, for now. We have a bug that needs to get worked out. Hopefully events that are closer to you will be displayed soon.

  • Jayme Hewitt

    Thanks for the feedback, Johan. We are definitely talking about making the radius customizable for everyone. We’ve heard this request a lot.

  • Lyle Petry

    Awesome, Jayme.
    It’s great on the PC, hopefully soon on the mobile.
    You all are doing great stuff.
    Oh, thanks for the Mary Hyde trackable!

  • OusKonNé

    Works fine for me, thank you!

    Improvement Suggestion:
    As suggested by Johan André Vatvedt, it would be nice to be able to customize the radius of 100 miles / 160 km from our home coordinates. For many geocachers, this radius is too large and consequently, the calendar is overloaded with events too far from home.

  • OusKonNé


    When you say “We’ve heard this request a lot”, where do geocachers submit these improvement suggestions and other ideas?


  • Jayme Hewitt

    Good question! There are a few places that we gather feedback from: the forums (release notes threads – mostly), the little green feedback widget on the righthand side of the Dashboard page, the blog comments, facebook comments. We try to gather up all the info we hear from the different places and combine it to ascertain the most impactful work to be done.