Östanbyn — Geocache of the Week

by Forsbom
Dalarna, Sweden
N 60° 10.155′ E 016° 13.829′

For some, home away from home is being in the great outdoors en route to a cache. On a popular bike route in central Sweden there is a cache that made many geocachers feel at home because they are literally in a home once they arrive at the cache. 275 of them to be precise. That’s how many geocachers have logged a smiley at Östanbyn — and of them over 70% awarded this cache a Favorite point.

The house has a padlock to keep it safe and you must be clever enough to solve the combination on site. Once inside you’ll find the log book, an aerial photograph of the geocache (like most impressive pieces of real estate), and some decorations.

In the summertime you can enjoy a snack in the fenced-in yard and in the winter the geocache stays warm due to it’s solar powered heating. It’s the perfect place for your next smiley. As they say — home is where the heart is.

What is the biggest geocache you’ve found?

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Andrew Baldwin
Andrew is a community manager at Geocaching HQ. He is typically laughing at his own jokes, getting into mischief with Signal, or looking for the next adventure.