The Sword In The Stone — Geocache of the Week

by Diehard50248
Minnesota, United States
N 44° 56.058′ W 092° 58.861′

According to legend, cache owner Diehard50248 used his magical powers to place the sword in the stone and boldly stated, “Who so pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise ‘born to cache.’

A short journey into the woods brings you to the cache. Only those who are worthy will solve the enigma of pulling the sword from the stone. Twist and turn the sword and pull with all your might. If you are lucky the sword will release itself from the stone. Bring glory to your name by signing the logbook and claim your smiley.

Hailing from the mystical kingdom of Minnesota, “The sword in the stone” is the most Favorited cache in the land. With over 1,100 logged visits and almost 700 Favorite points, it’s easy to see why this cache has been knighted as Geocache of the Week.

Are you worthy?

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Andrew Baldwin
Andrew is a community manager at Geocaching HQ. He is typically laughing at his own jokes, getting into mischief with Signal, or looking for the next adventure.