GIFF starts this weekend – log your Will Attend now!

The smell of popcorn in the air, gnomes dancing everywhere… it can only mean one thing: It’s time for the 2017 Geocaching International Film Festival!

From November 2-6, the 17 never-before-seen GIFF finalist films will make their international debuts on hundreds of screens all over the world. Some GIFF events will be cozylike this outdoor GIFF barbecue party in Tokyo. Some events will be extravagant—like this Spanish movie night hosted by one of this year’s finalists. All GIFF events will show this year’s hilarious, dramatic, and poignant geocaching films. And if you need one more reason to love GIFF: attending any official GIFF event will earn you the GIFF 2017 souvenir!

Don’t miss your chance at popcorn, films, and GIFFy fun… explore this live map of all official GIFF events to find one near you.

Tag your GIFF stories and photos with #geocachingfilmfestival on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a chance to have them shared on the official Geocaching channels!

  • LosRichart

    I wouldn’t say AlboGIFF Spanish event is extravagant at all!! Watching all these films projected in such cinema will be amazing!! They also have worked hard for this, completing the town map with lots of movie-related caches (even a geoart!). They are farther than incredible! And this event will be the source of much talk!!!

  • Barbosa Family

    🙁 I was quite disapointed with the 17 finalist of this year. At 2016 GIFF almost all of the movies were fun. This year probably only 5 of 17, had that enjoy Quality mark.

  • patrice

    This was my first GIFF viewing. So I hosted an event for it, so it would be close to home. Actually had a couple from Pennsylvania attend (the were in the area for a family wedding). I thought we had a great turn out and I enjoyed myself! My favorite was the Aussie “Geocaching is free”. Reminds me of a joke I heard about 15 years ago.

  • Scott Bennett

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a66d01b2d4db5ac606ded8ccd2ddbc67170fd1b0752d3d39166ca7c469af5f77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31121c8a9b28958a0d4d5dd8872f4355f829815f5000459b4e2eada6a0c99d22.jpg
    GIFF #3 2017 GC7D0XM. 3th time hosting and our best year, 51 Attendees.
    Unofficially, We may have been in the Top 10, if not the top 5 in attendance in the USA.
    Yes, I clicked on all GIFF’s listed on the map. Note-able sites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Seattle and California. I thinks most liked “Geocaching is Free” and “A Travel Bug’s Life”. I know, it’s not able the numbers. Just to have fun.