Ten creepy caches for Halloween

As Halloween creeps closer, so do the creepy geocaches. Well not literally, we hope! We’re sharing 10 spooky caches from around the world (in no particular order) and hope it inspires you to find the creepiest geocache in your area this week!

Now, get ready to be freaked out by 10 spooky geocaches below:

  1. Dracula Untold – B36 (GC5HGMH)
    • Dracula Untold
  2. Tavern of the Damned Redux – Smiley’s Revenge (GC9F6C)
    • Smiley's Revenge
  3. Freddy’s Nightmare..Night Cache (GC1GX7B)
    • Freddie's Nightmare

  4. Skull Cliffs (GC16CEP)
    • Skull Cliffs
  5. The Creepy Tree (GC57ZMV)
    • The Creepy Tree
  6. Het mysterie van de drie zusjes (GCDAFD)
    • Het mysterie van de drie zusjes
  7. Geist des Hagen (GC11JM6)
    • Geist des Hagen
  8. Kostnice/Ossuary (GCP0JT)
    • Kostnice / Ossuary
  9. Hand Trap CARMH3 (GC3TBR5)
    • Hand Trap
  10. Heligan Hike 6 – Gotta Hand it to You! (GC3XCF0)

Feeling inspired to create a creepy cache of your own? Follow this tutorial to make a spider cache!

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  • Bruno Santos

    Thank you for making dracula untold one of the best 10 geocaches 🙂 it is really an amazing geocache 🙂

  • torchie4269

    Too bad these are all hundreds or thousands of miles away from me. They look awesome.

  • Harrison Allen

    Shame that i can’t get to any.

  • abjss

    GC6M7F5 (Who’s Been Walkin’ Dead In These Woods, by Little Red Riding Hood) belongs here.

  • Sam M

    If ever in central PA (Johnstown area), a must-find cache is “Dead Man’s Cave” (GC66T8Q). One of my absolute favorite caches ever! Very creative and well thought out!

  • I’m sad that my halloween cache didnt make it in the list again. GC15R5V “The Green Lady Haunted Cemetary Cache” is located in Winchester CT. It has multiple scary stages and the cemetary is on an old dirt road out in the middle of the woods. Maybe if I loaded photos of the stages, it would make the list. Oh well.