Geocaching International Film Festival

And the GIFF 2017 Signal Award winner is…

Seventeen films became finalists in the 2017 Geocaching International Film Festival, but only one can earn the highest of accolades: the Signal Award.

Signal Award

Chosen by a panel of Community Volunteer Reviewers from around the world, the Signal Award winner was chosen for its overall excellence as a geocaching short film. The Reviewer judges considered production quality, content, creativity, and contribution to the global geocaching community.

And this year’s winner is…

Geocaching International Film Festival

Congratulations to the filmmaker, kaimynas!

“Geocaching Day in Vilnius” follows the filmmaker on a full day of geocaching in Vilnius, the picturesque capital of Lithuania. His experiences will ring a bell with audiences around the world as he encounters high-quality cache hides, frustrating DNFs, and muggles, muggles everywhere. Spoiler alert: kaimynas received permission to show the many cache locations in this film from the cache owners.

Here’s what some Community Volunteer Reviewers had to say about this film:

This film encapsulates what geocaching is all about and I loved some of the ingenious caches featured in the film. Thanks to this film I have added Vilnius to the list of places I want to visit.

This film checked off all the criteria: Production quality was great – it was a beautiful film and the quality was great. Content – it was informative and inspiring. Creativity – it showed all the places caches could be, and showed some very unusual hides. Global contribution – I felt like this is a film I could show someone who knows nothing about caching, and give them a good picture of what it is, as well as inspiring them with some fun hides. I want to cache in Vilnius!

I liked that this video showed someone finding a variety of interesting (quality) caches, rather than going for numbers or after a FTF.

See for yourself and watch the GIFF 2017 finalist films here.

  • Tom Sayer

    Yay!! Well deserved!!! So many fun, creative caches featured in this film!!!

  • Rubeus .

    Geocaching is Free was better.

  • Rubeus .

    … and you go to Vilinius and graves showed caches Luke yours. No fun 🙁

  • Jecepede

    This sucks…. Lat&long junkie’s clip was WAYYYYY better ! #RecountOfTheVotes

  • Murazor

    So many spoilers… Triple facepalm.

  • Patrick

    I also enjoyed that one the most, but tbh it had little to do with the Themen of the competition.
    The winner film hit the theme in the spot and was the besteht qualitywise (shots, angles, lighting etc)

  • JimRKY

    Lol – Just had this thought: I wonder what paradigm was used to determine the outcome of the voting 8-D
    Just kidding! Some were better than others in my opinion, but ALL showed creative invention and knowledge of (and love for) Geocaching!

    I know I didn’t make one – but these people DID! Kudos to all, and especially This Year’s Winner – kaimynas!

  • Rubeus .

    Technical quality is not all. No drama, no action, just spoilers. Now you can go to Vilinius and grab those caches like yours. No funny 🙁
    I grab a few showed in clip caches, and sometimes was hard to find it, but later joy was big (especialy when was -16 celcius degrees )

  • Ben Hufford

    First of all, thanks to all who submitted videos. The GIFF event was a fun event thanks to all of you.

    That said, was HQ handed the wrong envelope? Don’t get me wrong, Vilnius is a good video showcasing some of the quality caches around a lesser known place. But I feel a lot of people could have done something very similar. I don’t think filming creative caches makes the video itself creative. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Ricardo Herranz Peris

    Geocaching International Documentary Festival ‘ 2018 is coming

  • Lucka Kubátová

    I didn’t like it. Spoiler… spoiler… spoiler… nothing else.

  • 3,14 D

    this was the worst of all !!! now I don’t want to visit the town, because all good caches are SPOILED !!!

  • Miloš Karas

    🙁 there were better videos.. and without spoilers.. sorry GS, but this is total fail from your side…

  • Donna Murphy

    I dont understand the spoiler complaints. People see vacation pictures from all over the country…all over the internet and social media, yet still they visit tourist attractions. There is nothing like the wow factor you get seeing it up close and in person, whether you saw a video/ picture or not. I loved this film. It was my number two.. behind a Travel Bug’s Life.

  • Miroslav Paulik

    Just get into owners’ shoes whose caches were all spoiled. Tourist attractions are not meant to be hidden and to be searched for, while caches are. The whole idea of adventure to find those is gone now….

  • Miroslav Paulik

    Great! Movie that fails to comply with film rules – no real caches shown – wins.. total crap 🙁
    Film was nice, but it should not even have passed to finalists as not compliant with rules..
    I don’t understand all this. You want people to hide great caches and you publicly ruin their job by revealing and spoiling. Great job Groundspeak!

  • Donna Murphy

    I think the CO’s wI’ll be thrilled when they see their caches being visited by world travelers. I heard one guy leaving the theater saying he wanted to go. So…now I am wondering if they were real published caches. Are the people complaining failed entrants. I am not, so I have no idea what the rules were. I would imagine if he broke any rules he would have been disqualified

  • Coruja

    The best was “Geocaching is free”…..

  • hcy_de

    Who decided about the winning film? I though that the audience could fill out some survey but at our event there was nothing like this. I liked “Geocaching is free” most.

  • André Rebelo

    I was expecting to see a winner that was creative, not one with a geocaching day 🙁

  • Stacy Siivonen

    Germany first.

  • I don’t even know how to start this comment without being banned from the game. This clip being accepted to the final 17 was already a f***up. Giving it an award? I’m afraid there aren’t enough words and phrases in the Urban Dictionary to describe that.

    Part of the geocaching experience is the first impression. There are some caches that win the a FAV just for that moment when you fitst spot or interact with it. Of course there are some people that can’t stand the curiosity and look for spoilers on youtube and so on, but that’s their choice. Here, we (all who attanded GIFF events) were trapped into watching (probably all) best caches in Vilnius being spoiled. We had no choice but to see those.
    I personally was considering a geocaching trip to Vilnius but now I don’t se the point. I’m glad nobody did sth. similar before I visited Prague (especially remembering the first time you *** do the thing *** in Historicke hradni vodovody) or Great Moravia.

    What will win next year? A 60s screen listing final coordinates to all the Master Of Mystery caches?

  • On the GIFF I attended they handled voting cards where you wrote which 3 clips you liked the most (placing the best in the 1 position). But this was for the main award.

  • mevr_Cachetien

    Hahahaha, this film also scored good on the Giff-event I visited.

  • strimby

    Read the heading, cache owners gave their permission.

  • nct

    Like “Geocaching is free” from Australia. That was a great one.
    I’ve read comments elsewhere that the Aussie film didn’t meet this year’s ‘art’ them. If that was the case, then why allow it into the finals in the first place. Would’ve been better to tell that cacher “sorry, your film didn’t make it into this year’s final, but save it and submit another year that doesn’t have an ‘art’ theme”.

  • nct

    If “Geocaching is Free” didn’t match this year’s theme, then it shouldn’t have become a finalist. Wouldn’t it have been better to tell that cacher
    “sorry, your film didn’t make it into this year’s final, but save it and
    submit another year that doesn’t have an ‘art’ theme”.

    The cacher might’ve been able to win next year, but certainly not now that his film has already been used for this year’s GIFF reel.

  • nct

    It would be cool to go and cache in Vilnius, but what if all the creative caches in town are the ones shown in the video. Getting there and being able to find all the cool caches right away, because you already know the hiding spot from the video, would not be very fun. I don’t know if there many other cool hides that weren’t shown in the video, but imagine it could be disappointing if cachers travel there and find that all the other caches are just run-of-the-mill hides.

  • Tom Sanner

    Gotta agree with most of the posts here. I hosted one of the showings and nearly everyone voted for “Geocaching is Free”. Wrong film won.

  • tindaly

    This year I went to my first GIFF event ever. A poll was held at the end, which Geocaching is Free won by a big margin. At the time I assumed that all votes from the events would be collected and then added to determine the winner. I was very surprised to read that it was decided by a committee who had won the competition. And the decision really went against public sentiment…

    I think it would be a good idea to award an audience prize as well.

  • Ma Si

    Please: We also want to see the whole HQ list, not just the winner. Could you please make the list public? Or is this a secret and if yes, why it is a secret? A whole week after all GIFF events no more data online…

  • newsboy 5331

    I agree with several of the opinions expressed here that Geocaching Is Free was the best. It was also overwhelming the choice of those at the event my wife I attended.

  • Corey Stevens

    Congrats to the winner!

    All the naysayers in the comments really need to get off the computer, and go find some more smileys!

    This sport has much more to promote than spats about film criticism.

  • Pp


  • Pp

    Absolutely shit

  • Pp

    Worse than shit

  • Pp

    No,Just shit

  • Linda

    So the film that spoiled caches wins….ehh…ok. I kinda liked that geocaching is free more. The films were all cute and had good qualities though! Good job to the folks who put time into these.

  • Dan

    At the showing I went to there were only a couple minor grumbles about spoilers. The vast majority of us were saying “wow”, “great ideas”, and “I expect to see some of these around here now [from some of our own crafty hiders]”. I think the video showcases how creative hides can be to inspire both geocache hiders and seekers. Very little dialog made it relatable to everyone with no language barriers, and the filming quality itself was excellent. I’ve never seen anyone complain about the Geocache of the Week giving spoilers, and that gives the GC#; not just the city it is in. There were several excellent finalists! I don’t think that this winner should be criticized just for giving spoilers. “Now I don’t want to go to Vilnius”? Really? I suspect the majority of us won’t be travelling there any time soon anyway. Personally I had never heard of Vilnius before the video. Now I know that not only is it a beautiful town, but it has some excellent geocaching to offer! Well done, and congratulations, Kaimynas!

  • Jerome Hasbargen

    I showed the winning film and others in the GIFF to my Boy Scouts Geocaching Merit Badge class to show the scouts examples of creative and clever geocaches “hidden in plain sight.” We were amazed at the varity of geocaches shown in the winning film. I plan to use some of the geocaches in the film as inspiration to make and hide geocaches like these in my town.