Geocaching International Film Festival

And the GIFF 2017 Signal Award winner is…

Seventeen films became finalists in the 2017 Geocaching International Film Festival, but only one can earn the highest of accolades: the Signal Award.

Signal Award

Chosen by a panel of Community Volunteer Reviewers from around the world, the Signal Award winner was chosen for its overall excellence as a geocaching short film. The Reviewer judges considered production quality, content, creativity, and contribution to the global geocaching community.

And this year’s winner is…

Geocaching International Film Festival

Congratulations to the filmmaker, kaimynas!

“Geocaching Day in Vilnius” follows the filmmaker on a full day of geocaching in Vilnius, the picturesque capital of Lithuania. His experiences will ring a bell with audiences around the world as he encounters high-quality cache hides, frustrating DNFs, and muggles, muggles everywhere. Spoiler alert: kaimynas received permission to show the many cache locations in this film from the cache owners.

Here’s what some Community Volunteer Reviewers had to say about this film:

This film encapsulates what geocaching is all about and I loved some of the ingenious caches featured in the film. Thanks to this film I have added Vilnius to the list of places I want to visit.

This film checked off all the criteria: Production quality was great – it was a beautiful film and the quality was great. Content – it was informative and inspiring. Creativity – it showed all the places caches could be, and showed some very unusual hides. Global contribution – I felt like this is a film I could show someone who knows nothing about caching, and give them a good picture of what it is, as well as inspiring them with some fun hides. I want to cache in Vilnius!

I liked that this video showed someone finding a variety of interesting (quality) caches, rather than going for numbers or after a FTF.

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