Attention cache owners! This new Dashboard tool is for you

How big is the universe? Why are we here? What would geocaching be like without cache owners?

These are questions that we do not know the answers to. What we know for sure is, that geocaching would not be here without the universe, you, and dedicated geocachers who create and hide geocaches. This is why we have added several features to the updated Geocaching.com Dashboard to make maintaining a geocache easier and owning one more delightful.

Earlier this year

This September we added cache owner logs to the Latest Activity feed on the Dashboard. With that update cache owners are able to view logs and pictures geocachers posted on caches they own. Even more exciting, for the first time they can see when their cache earned a Favorite point. This information was previously not available.

Newest addition

Just yesterday we added a new owner maintenance tool to the Dashboard. If one or more of their geocaches may have a problem geocache owners will now see a widget on top of their Dashboard. A problem with their cache could be a full, or soggy logbook, a change to the hiding location, or a broken or missing cache container.

The owner maintenance tool displays geocaches in need based on an algorithm we created to calculate a hidden Health Score. This algorithm is based on a combination of logs and circumstances. Learn more here.

If there is more than one cache that needs attention, up to 5 caches will be displayed in the tool, sorted by lowest Health Score on top with the option to ‘View all’.

Cache owners can perform the following actions right from the Dashboard:

  • Cache owners can add the caches to a List. (Premium feature)
  • After fixing the problem with the cache, they can log maintenance.

We hope these changes will improve the experience for cache owners as they are now able to learn about the status of their caches and get the recognition they deserve – all in one place. And this is good news for the universe, or at least the entire geocaching community. Because the game is more fun, when there are caches to find and log books to sign.

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