Soporte de lanzamiento de Búsqueda Planetaria (también conocido como FAQ)

Join the Planetary Search to explore the beyond

We are in the year 2650. You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be one of the first geocachers to visit each planet in the Solar System getting souvenirs along the way.

How to play

Find different types of geocaches to accumulate points in the League of Colleagues between March 19 and April 15 and get up to 10 new souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer.

Visit the League of Colleagues to activate your score control board and get ready to take off on March 19.


Souvenirs Points needed in the League of Colleagues
Planetary Pursuit: Earth 5 points
Planetary Pursuit: Venus 10 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mercury 20 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mars 40 points
Planetary Pursuit: Jupiter 65 points
Planetary Pursuit: Saturn 100 points
Planetary Pursuit: Uranus 200 points
Planetary Pursuit: Neptune 300 points
Planetary Pursuit: Pluto 500 points
Official Space Explorer Collect all the planetary souvenirs (500 points) and get this souvenir goal.


Action Value in points
Record one found in any geocache (Traditional, Virtual, Webcam, Wherigo) 5
Registers a found in a Multi-Cache or Hybrid Letterbox 10
Record one found in a Mystery or Earthcache fifteen
Record one found in a geocache with 10 or more favorite points fifteen
Attend any event fifteen
Leave a traceable 4


What is the League of Colleagues?

The League of Colleagues is a classification that shows your geocaching activity and that of your friends. You get points when you register a cache, attend an event or complete other geocaching tasks. The number of points varies according to the task performed.

The League of Colleagues shows the total points you collect during the promotion. You can also see how many points your friends have scored during that time. The League of Colleagues is set to zero on Monday, April 16 at noon UTC.

How can I participate?

Visit the League of Colleagues to activate your score control board and prepare for takeoff. Between March 19 and April 15, accumulate points registering caches, attending events or completing other geocaching actions. Get up to 10 new souvenirs through the individual collection of 500 points in the League of Colleagues during the promotion period.

Can I join the Planetary Search at any time?

Of course! If you were late to join, you would still have the chance to win the 10 souvenirs as long as you get enough points until April 15th.

What are the 10 souvenirs that I can win?


How can I get points?

If you register a cache, attend an event or perform other geocaching actions, you accumulate points.

Where can I see my souvenirs?

As soon as you collect a certain amount of points, the associated souvenir will be automatically granted to your profile. The souvenirs appear in your profile, in the souvenir tab .

Is the League of Colleagues in the Geocaching® app?

The League of Colleagues is not in the Geocaching® app , but you can see it in your phone’s browser.

Help, the points of my League of Colleagues are not correct!

  1. Be sure to activate the League of Colleagues by visiting the page once before starting to register your findings.
  2. If you change a note, DNF or other type of record to a “Found”, it will not be recognized in the League of Colleagues.
  3. You may have found and registered a Lab Cache. At the moment, the League of Colleagues does not grant points for finding laboratory Caches.
  4. You have sent the records on Monday, March 19 before noon UTC ( convert here to your local time ). We suggest you wait AFTER Monday at noon UTC – which in some places like New Zealand is midnight on Tuesday – to register your caches. Otherwise, the points will not count for the first week.
  5. You saved an eraser on Monday, March 19, before noon (UTC).

If you have already sent your records, select “View / Edit record / Images”, and click on the pen icon and “Send Registration” on the web page. Your records should now count in the total.

What does UTC mean?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is currently the civil time base. It is the time standard (not a temporary zone) commonly used in the world. You can convert UTC to your local time here.

I have registered a Lab Cache, why do not I add points in the League of Colleagues?

At the moment, the League of Colleagues does not grant points for finding laboratory Caches.

Do I need friends in my League of Colleagues to participate in Planetary Search?

You do not need friends in Geocaching to get points and get the souvenirs of the Planetary Search. However, it’s fun to have friends in your League of Colleagues to encourage them in their space explorations! Here are some ideas on how to make friends in the Geocaching community:

  1. Attend a geocaching event. Attending events is the easiest way to make new friends in real life. Make sure you write down your usernames and invite them to be your friends at . Extra: You will earn additional points by attending an event. Find events near .
  2. Search for local geocaching associations. One of the best ways to learn about geocaching and make friends is to join a Geocaching Association. Find nearby geocaching associations .
  3. Search for Facebook groups in your area. There are many geocachers on Facebook who have created local groups. Do the search for “geocaching + your location” on Facebook and find out if there is a group of treasure hunters in your area.
  4. Share your user in the comments section of this blog post. Thus, you can add each other to and make friends all over the world!

How do I add friends to my League of Colleagues?

  1. On the left side of your new control panel, or in the old version, on the right side under the “Community” section, select View friends.
  2. Under Add a friend, enter your friend’s username.
  3. Select Send invitation.
  4. Write a message to your friend.
  5. Select Friend request

Why does the League of Colleagues show only one of my friends?

The League of Colleagues shows ten of your friends geocachers-always including you. If you want to see all your friends, scroll down the list and select See more.

Do the points of the League of Colleagues accumulate?

No, there is no point accumulation. The maximum number of points you choose when registering a cache is 15. For example, if you find a traditional geocache with more than 10 favorite points, you will gain 15 points in total. If you find a Mystery with more than 10 favorites, you will also add 15.

Do I get points from the League of Colleagues by attending a CITO, a Mega or a Giga Event?

Yes. Attending any type of event will add 15 points in the League of Colleagues during the Planetary Search.

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