FAQ: Log upvotes

At Geocaching HQ we want to encourage the sharing of fun, helpful, and inspiring logs. As you browse log entries on Geocaching.com, you’ll notice “most helpful” and “great story” buttons available on Found It, Attended, Webcam photo taken, DNF, and Event Announcement logs. You can now vote for logs which you feel include story worthy moments, an inspiring tale about the journey to the cache, or helpful tips. Be cautious of highlighting spoilers though, as cache owners may delete those logs.

Where is this feature available?
For now, we have released this feature only on caches in Canada and Norway on Geocaching.com. We want to see how geocachers respond to upvoting, before releasing it to a wider audience.

Why vote?
We hope this new feature will encourage cache finders to show their appreciation to cache hiders. Think of it like an anti-TFTC campaign! When you upvote logs on Geocaching.com, you’re helping to influence which logs rise to the top. Voting for logs you see as most helpful or a great story helps other geocachers discover interesting log entries.

Which log types can be upvoted?
Found It, DNF (did not find), Attended, Webcam Photo Taken, and Event Announcement logs can be upvoted on both active and archived caches on Geocaching.com.

Who can vote?
Validated Geocaching Premium and Basic members can vote on logs. Simply login and visit a cache page to vote.

How can I vote?
Below each log there are “most helpful” and “great story” buttons. Selecting either button adds an upvote in that category.  

Can I sort by most helpful and best story?
Validated Geocaching Premium members can sort by most helpful and best story. As you browse logs, the default sort order will be by date, but you can also sort logs to see the most helpful or best story at the top. The more votes, the higher ranked the log.

Can I find out who voted on my logs?
You can view your total number of received upvotes by looking at the vote tally within the most helpful or great story buttons. Here’s an example:

Viewing the specific accounts who have voted your log as most helpful or a great story is not available at this time.

Can I vote on my own logs?
No, log authors cannot vote for their own logs.

Can cache owners vote for logs on their owned caches?
Yes! Cache owners can upvote logs on their owned caches.

How many times can I vote?
There is no limit to how many logs you upvote but you can only upvote a single log once. If you click the button again, it will remove your vote.

I didn’t mean to vote on something, can I remove it?
You can undo any vote by clicking the button again.

Why aren’t there downvotes?
At Geocaching HQ we want to encourage the sharing of fun, helpful, and inspiring logs. Downvoting logs can discourage the writing of logs all together. By introducing upvotes, logs whose authors shared their caching experience will have the opportunity to rise to the top when sorted, while logs that leave something to be desired will filter down.

Is voting available in the Geocaching® app?
No, upvoting logs are not available in the app at this time.

Will the author of the log be notified if it gets upvoted?
No, at this time we will not be notifying the log author if their log received an upvote, but that is something that we may consider for the future.