Turn that frown upside down

Have you ever selected a perfect geocache to find, navigated to it, searched high and low with no luck in finding it? The questions start to boil over; is it even here, why is the hint so vague, can’t anyone post a picture which offers a clue? We know this feeling all too well. The classic DNF (Did Not Find).

A DNF is a log type used when you, surprise, don’t find the geocache. But what you should also know is that a DNF log can transform into a “Found it!” Using this log type doesn’t mean you’ve given up, it means that you didn’t find the geocache—this time. Your DNF logs will be shown on your map so you can remember to return at a later date.

More importantly, logging a DNF can help your fellow geocachers. When you log a DNF, you’re telling geocachers that the cache may be more difficult to find than anticipated or may even be missing. You’re also letting the geocache owner know that they may need to double check that their geocache container can still be found at the posted coordinates.

If you’re a geocacher who’s posted one of the millions of DNF logs so far, thank you from the geocaching community. It’s a small way to help support and maintain the geocaching ecosystem while ensuring the quality of geocaching. Plus, you can always go back and search again because your DNF shows up in the app and on the map! Who knows, maybe this time you’ll turn that frown upside down.

Share the geocache that you’ve DNF’d the most in comments below.