Daniel Düsentriebs Fitnesspause (Lesen!) — Geocache of the Week

by TCapitano
Hessen, Germany
N 50° 14.070′ E 008° 39.730′

Fitness is an essential part of life. For some it’s running, cycling, climbing, or going to the gym; for others it’s geocaching. One cache owner (TCapitano) has added a component to their geocache that requires some movement on your behalf. Maybe we spoke too soon, don’t worry the cache owner is no cycle-path: the cache is geared towards fun not the Tour de France.

This crowd favorite has garnered over 2,600 Finds since 2015 in Hessen, Germany. Of the geocachers who have found the magnificent geocache, 89% of them gave a Favorite point, making it one of the highest Favorited caches in the world.

Nestled just north of Frankfurt, Daniel Düsentrieb’s Fitnesspause awaits its next challenger just off of a main road in a patch of woods. According to the cache owner, the goal of this cache was to offer a nice break from traveling by car. Often when on a long drive, people forget to get out and stretch or get our blood flowing. Approaching the cache, which is tucked away in the tree-line, you’ll understand what needs to be done to get to the logbook.

Near ground zero, there’s a bike hidden under a tarp on a plank and the front spokes are attached to a wooden box. You’ll need to continuously bike for 2 minutes to get the electrical power needed for the next step. In front of the cache, an electronic screen is enabled when you start to pedal. It shows the voltage and a countdown starts to run down from 90 seconds. After the countdown ends, another screen shows rolling text with the combination for the padlock of the box.

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