Getting your kids outside with geocaching

As a parent, you learn to appreciate the little victories in life, whether that means celebrating a win after a soccer game or reveling in the triumph of getting your child to eat all their vegetables. However, nothing quite beats the satisfaction of watching your child grin from ear to ear as they explore and discover the world around them through geocaching. With over 3 million geocaches worldwide waiting to be discovered, every location can be turned into an adventure and each family outing a victory.

Here are five tips on how to make geocaching with kids a success!

  1. Make it a family activity. Involve the kids in choosing which geocaches to look for. Have them read the description of the geocache and brainstorm what it could be!
  2. Let the kids be your guide. Children are eager to participate, so let them take the lead through navigating or looking under each rock and bush for an elusive geocache.
  3. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you are genuinely excited about geocaching, your kids will be, too. So start practicing your happy dance and be ready to break out those moves when you find one!
  4. Make memories to last a lifetime. Capture all those memorable moments, from searching to finding to signing and trading. Each step of the way can be an exciting adventure.
  5. Bring snacks. They can mean the difference between a fun day at the park and a before-dinner meltdown.

What tips do you have for geocaching with kids? Share your best advice in the comments!

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