Dogs of geocaching

We know them as man’s best friend but did you know dogs make great companions while geocaching? With their quirky personalities and unique physical characteristics, dogs are pawsitively sure to create a memorable experience. Here are 4 reasons to take your dog the next time you go geocaching! (Alert: cute dog pictures included).

Dogs are curious.
Have them help sniff out the geocache! Some geocaches aren’t hidden in obvious places. Watch your dog closely to see if they’ve spotted the geocache!

Dogs can be a great lookout.
Watching out for muggles has never been easier! While you search for the geocache your dog can alert you when muggles are nearby.

Dogs are active.
Our four legged friends all need activity. Why not take them geocaching on a hiking trail or walking path? Want an added challenge? Take them on a run to get a FTF!

Happy dogs are the best dogs.
Geocaching with your dog can be a memorable experience. In fact, witnessing their energy and enjoyment can motivate you to find even more geocaches!

Do you geocache with your dog or have another geo-pet companion? Share your stories in the comments below!