Hike or seek this season

September is a great time of year to go geocaching because it marks the start of the shoulder season. This is the time between the summer and winter seasons (or winter and summer for all you southern hemisphere folks!) Spring and Fall weather may have a bit less predictability, but one thing is certain: there are fewer people on the trails. 

Take advantage of this time of year by trying something new with your caching, Autumn can be a wonderful time of year to go hiking, while the warming temperatures of Spring can have you seeking to plan future geocaching adventures. 

Tips for hiking:

  • Make a List (Premium member feature) and share it: Adding caches to a List is a convenient way to plan your route and it’s just as important to share your geocaching plans with someone else too!
  • Download the List for offline use: Make sure to save your geocaches in advance so that you can access them when you are out of cell range.
  • Do your research: Check to see if there is useful trail information in the geocache description, or if recent finders provided useful information or pictures.

Tips for seeking:

  • Check out the search map: Easily filter for the caches you want to find, add them all to a List*, download to GPX, or send to your Garmin device. Plus, Premium members can create Pocket Queries—custom geocache searches you can have emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis. *Lists created on Geocaching.com automatically sync to your Geocaching® app.
  • Use Sorting and Filtering: Premium members can filter by geocache type, size, difficulty and terrain ratings, and filter out found and owned geocaches. Did you know you can even filter by your favorite cache owner? Look for the funnel icon at the top right of the map screen to access Filtered Search in the Geocaching® app.
  • Join a Geocaching organization: Located all around the world, geocaching organization and groups connect geocachers to other local explorers. 

How are you preparing for a new season of geocaching? Share in the comments below!