How the geocaching community celebrated Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday

Some trackables have goals to travel the world, and others, like Smokey Bear’s, are a little different. Smokey Bear trackables help educate and spread awareness about wildfire prevention to the geocachers who interact with them. From April to August 2019, geocachers celebrated Smokey Bear’s 75th Birthday by sharing their stories and experiences through geocaching logs and on social using #SmokeyBear75. Although the campaign has ended, you can still continue to preserve our lands, one piece of the geocaching game board at a time, by continuing to move and interact with the Smokey Bear trackables.

During the trackable promotion, geocachers shared their experiences with logs on and the Geocaching® app. Here’s a snapshot of some highlights from the over 19,000 Smokey Bear 75 trackable logs.

Ellis is a geocaching Lackey and amateur weekend warrior. Her passion for travel and adventure has taken her to remote villages in the Brazilian Amazon, ski mountaineering in the Andes in Patagonia and sailing the isolated islands of the Kingdom of Tonga. She now resides in Seattle where her daily adventure involves competing with traffic while bike commuting and making frequent side trips to the beautiful Cascades and Puget Sound. She loves incorporating geocaching into all of these activities!