Crafty ideas to up-level your event logbook

Even if the weather outside isn’t frightful where you are (it’s always sunny somewhere in the world), it’s time to get together and be merry. If you are planning to host a geocaching event this time of the year*, why not get crafty and add some festive flair. Even though logbooks are optional at geocaching events, they are a great way to remember a special gathering with your geocaching friends.

*You may consider hosting an event on December 31 or January 1 for the Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 celebrations.

Here are three creative ideas to make your event logbook shine.

Decorative garland

All you need (besides love) for this logbook are gift wrap ribbons or paper, scissors, tape, and a few permanent markers. Cut off equal strips and have attendees write their geocaching names on them. Tape every strip to make a circle that links up with the previous circle to create a chain. If you want, you can hold on to the garland after the event and add to it every future event you might host. The garland logbook can grow over time and you can use differently themed ribbons to represent time of year or a special event theme.

Gingerbread house

If you have ever been tempted to become a graffiti artist, now is your chance to do so in a non-destructive way. If you have time, bake your own gingerbread house, or buy a premade kit and ask attendees to decorate it with their usernames. This is a logbook everyone can use to express their creativity. Bonus, you can eat it later. How joyful!

Geocaching tree

A small Christmas tree or a pine tree branch will build the base for this logbook. You can buy miniature ornaments or provide decorative paper for your attendees to craft tree decorations. Geocachers can write their geocaching names on those and hang them in the tree. This will make for a beautiful keepsake for your home during the holidays and will remind you of the good times you had.

Have you encountered a festive logbook before? Do you have great ideas worth sharing? Let us know in the comments!

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