How did you do this year? Check your stats with Project-GC

Project-GC aims to enhance geocaching experiences by providing advanced tools and statistics. As an authorized API Partner, Project-GC does not require a separate account, simply log in using your credentials. Once logged in, you have access to personalized statistics, challenge checkers, and more.

At the start of 2019, we shared an article listing 19 geocaching resolutions for 2019. These resolutions ranged from attending an Event to filling your Difficulty and Terrain grid! Project-GC can help you keep track of these milestones and more through their dynamic statistics. So, how did you do this year and what goals do you have for 2020?

Looking at your profile stats is a great starting place to see how far you’ve come and what goals interest you next! Project-GC’s Profile stats are very extensive personal statistics about your finds and hides. Plus, these stats can be displayed on your profile. 

These stats are refreshed regularly and range from your number of finds per year, maps of your finds, badges for your geocaching accomplishments, and much more. Have you ever wondered what your total cache-to-cache distance is? Or want to know how many more Webcam caches you need to find to earn your next badge? All of these stats (and more) are available through Project-GC’s profile stats page.

And speaking of badges, check out the new progress page on Project-GC. Here you will find the answers to questions like what was your very first badge? And how have my badges evolved over time? View a personalized time-lapse on the progress page!

Right now is a great time to plan for the second decade of geocaching and a brand new year! How do you like to start the new year? Looking back at your accomplishments? Setting goals for the year ahead? Or perhaps a little of both! Share your 2020 geocaching plans in the comments!

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