20 ways to be a better geocacher this year

There are many ways to improve your geocaching game, from being environmentally conscious to serving as a mentor to new geocachers, and lots in between! Consider these 20 tips for becoming a better, smarter, and more responsible geocacher this year and beyond.

  1. Geocache in the off season
    Experience a whole new side of a popular destination.
  2. Take the road less traveled
    Find a lonely geocache! These are geocaches that haven’t been found in a year or longer.
  3. Log your finds
    Even if it’s a DNF! This helps cache owners and other geocachers alike.
  4. Use waypoints
    Mark your starting point so you can make a safe return.
  5. Be a mentor
    Invite a friend and introduce them to the game or show a new player the ropes!
  6. Go the long way
    Be mindful of the trail and don’t cross switchbacks or walk off the path, you could disturb wildlife.
  7. Set a goal for yourself
    Check out our 2020 Geocaching Resolutions post for some ideas!
  8. Step outside your geocaching comfort zone
    Try and learn something new by taking on a new hobby while en route to a geocache, like snowshoeing, biking, or photography!
  9. Be prepared
    Dress for success in layers for changing weather patterns, pack water and snacks, and be sure to bring any necessary tools of the trade!
  10. Bring SWAG
    Trade swag by replacing items in the geocache with something of equal or greater value. 
  11. Move trackables
    Move trackables you find along to another geocache towards their mission! Don’t forget to share a photo or story from your adventure in the trackable log.
  12. Give a Favorite point
    Track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most with Favorite points! (Favorite points are a Premium member feature)
  13. Be mindful of the environment
    Follow these six tips to show your love for Mother Earth when geocaching. 
  14. Carry cache maintenance supplies
    You never know when you’ll need an extra pen, logbook, or some good ole’ duct tape! 
  15. Check your coordinates
    Yahoo! You’ve solved that puzzle. Now confirm you’re headed to the right spot with our GeoChecker.
  16. Write nice logs
    Thank the cache owner for their efforts in hiding and maintaining the geocache! Plus, logs can help other geocachers find it in the future!
  17. Don’t post spoilers
    Don’t post pictures of the geocache or exact hiding location unless permitted by the cache owner. This ensures the fun isn’t spoiled for future cachers!
  18. Reduce your carbon footprint
    Use public transportation, bike, carpool or walk to the geocache to make for a greener outing.
  19. Read the geocache listing
    Get the details on what you’re looking for so you can make sure you have everything you need.
  20. Plan for spotty reception
    Premium members can make a List and save it for offline use when they are geocaching!

What tips do you have for improving your geocaching this year? Share in the comments below!