Speden Spelit Nopeustesti — Geocache of the Week

by tiuhto
N 60° 12.962′ E 025° 00.688′

“Simon Says” is a challenging game of reaction and memory. Speden Spelit Nopeustesti is a geocache that emulates this fun and sometimes frustrating game with multi-colored lights. It won’t be hard to find, but it will be difficult to get to the logbook if you cannot follow the pattern of lights perfectly.   

Image by Jorppa Lane 

The geocache is in a quaint nature park outside of Helsinki, Finland. Farmland and woodland forests are a nice getaway from the busy cities, and make for a peaceful geocaching experience. It is a nice distraction-free setting given the amount of focus required to beat the game and find the logbook. The task is simple: match the pattern of colors that light up. After each correct match, the speed of the pattern increases and it is your mission to keep up with it.

Image by  Joni & Ritva 

To find the logbook, you must correctly tap a series of 30 colored lights. Failing means starting over again from the beginning. A false bottom drops when you complete the swift 30 light pattern and inside is a well deserved logbook. To keep the goal in mind a red digital counter helps you see how close you are to 30 taps. The game continues even after the geocache opens and some ambitious geocachers go beyond the required 30. For an added challenge try to beat the high score of 106 consecutive taps.

Video by @geocaching_engineers on Instagram

While this speed test might make you want to tap-out, you need to tap into your cat-like reflexes if you want to prevail. The statistics from GC5FD0B show a lot of patience and steadfastness in the geocaching community—85% of the 411 geocachers that found this cache awarded it a Favorite point.

When has a geocache tested your reflexes? 

Image by  Balkovi

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