The hidden benefits of geocaching

Geocaching offers an abundance of improvements to your overall health. Oftentimes we are so focused on finding the geocache, that we don’t take a step back to realize all of the other benefits. From decreasing stress to making you a more well-rounded human, here are five reasons why geocaching is good for you.

Decreases stress

Work-related stress is a contributing factor to many health issues, so taking time to do other activities actively encourages you to switch off and relax, reducing your risk of falling ill. With geocaching you can appreciate the beautiful surroundings, the adventure you just went on, and the pure magic of being outside.

Boosts your mood

Embarking on new experiences, meeting new people, and learning something new can all boost your happiness. Even if you’re just reading The Logbook and daydreaming about your next geocaching adventure, you’ll feel a spike in excitement and dopamine.

Sharpens your skills

Studies have shown that keeping the mind challenged with activities like puzzles and problem solving can lead to a longer life expectancy, better quality of life, and increase our overall health. Solving Mystery Caches and creating your own geocache hide are a great way to increase brain activity and sharpen those skills!

Keeps you present

Around the holidays and beyond, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the rush of material possessions and gifts. The memories that last the longest though, do not come from accumulating “things” but rather from the moments in life where we take some time to pause and reflect. You’ll never regret spending time soaking it all in.

Makes you stronger

Aside from the endorphins, weight loss, and increased energy that come from working up a sweat, geocaching makes you stronger in other ways too. Overcoming fears and obstacles increases your brain’s idea of what you are capable of, opening up more and more doors in the future!  Start with what you are comfortable and perhaps work your way up to a hike to a T4/T5 geocache. Or, try to find a geocache that is difficult but still accessible with handicaching

Has geocaching changed your life for the better or sharpened your mental skills? Share your stories about improving your health through geocaching in the comments below!