The most Favorited geocaches in the world

There are many reasons why geocachers award Favorite points to geocaches. Sometimes it’s the stunning view at the geocache. Other times it’s the unique container that makes your jaw drop. Whatever the reason, favorite points are a great way for geocachers to reward extra special hides.

They’re also a way to let other geocachers know that geocache is well worth the journey. We’ve compiled a list of the top Favorited geocaches in the world by geocache type.

Geocache type: Traditional 

A Traditional Cache is the simplest form of a geocache. It consists of a container with a logbook, and is located at the posted coordinates. Cache containers come in many different sizes.

GC number: GC13Y2Y
Geocache name: Lego – einer ist zuviel 
Number of Favorite points: 11,308

Geocache type: Multi-Cache

Multi-Caches include at least one stage in addition to the physical final container with a logbook. The posted coordinates for a Multi-Cache are the first stage. At each stage, the geocacher gathers information that leads them to the next stage or to the final container.

GC number: GC2586K
Geocache name: Alberich der Zwergenkönig
Number of Favorite points: 6,745

Geocache type: EarthCache

An EarthCache provides an earth science lesson through a visit to a unique geological feature rather than a container.

GC number: GCZ8H7
Geocache name: The Cologne Cathedral – A Geological Point of View
Number of Favorite points: 1,459

Geocache type: Mystery

Mystery Caches come in many different forms. Some are known as Puzzle caches, bonus caches, challenge caches, etc. The posted coordinates are usually bogus coordinates requiring geocachers to solve for the actual geocache location.

GC number: GC2J9J5
Geocache name: Schatz des Alberich
Number of Favorite points: 5,272

Geocache type: Virtual

A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container.

GC number: GC9A6E
Geocache name: Historic Words
Number of Favorite points: 2,797

Geocache type: Letterbox-Hybrid

Letterbox Hybrids are based on an older kind of container search, called letterboxing. Because letterboxing began in 1854, before GPS existed, the finder follows written instructions to discover the container.

GC number: GC4EN84
Geocache name: Airport-Kirche – TB Hotel Hamburg Airport
Number of Favorite points: 3,193

Geocache type: Webcam

Webcam Caches are a grandfathered type of cache. You cannot submit new Webcam Cache pages for review, but you can find those that remain active and log them.

GC number: GC6F12
Geocache name: London – Beatles Abbey Road
Number of Favorite points: 1,726

Geocache type: Wherigo

Wherigo® Caches are GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. They use GPS technology to guide players to physical locations where they can interact with virtual or physical objects.

GC number: GC356P2
Geocache name: Die Jagd nach dem Grünen Diamanten (D+Engl)
Number of Favorite points: : 2,825

These popular geocaches are loved by many. What are your favorite geocaches?