Lackeys meet Beethoven in Bonn

Geocaching HQ staff attend dozens of Mega and Giga-Events around the world, shaking hands, sharing stories of adventure, and of course, geocaching. Bryan, President of Geocaching HQ, recently attended Project Geocaching meets Beethoven with Frau Potter, Director of Community, and A Jennifer, VP of Legal & Business Affairs. Here’s their trip summary.

On Leap Day 2020, Bryan, Cindy, and Jennifer joined more than 4,000 geocachers to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday, and 20 years of geocaching. Project Geocaching meets Beethoven (GC7TKKG) was held in Bonn, Germany, the birthplace of Beethoven. The Orga Team, also known as the Orchestra, pulled off a great event! Each member of the Orchestra was dressed in a Beethoven wig and represented a different part of the orchestra, such as the conductor, the first violin, and the trombone.

Photo by SchmelliDE

Before the weekend, we enjoyed one of the event’s Adventure Labs, “Beethoven in Bonn.” Our tour guide was *EnMa* (the trombone). With this Adventure, we were guided to 10 significant locations from Beethoven’s life, most which were marked by newly created kiosks. It was a great educational experience and a fun way to explore the city. 

Photo by Frau Potter

Music was a major theme for the weekend. So it was appropriate that geocachers signed a grand piano as the Mega-Event logbook. 

Photo by duessel24

The music performances were a big highlight of the weekend. The Friday evening welcome event included a parade of drummers and the main event day included a full line-up of musical acts, including both classical and modern. The Mega-Event began with a youthful 12-person Knallblech brass band setting a high energy beat and ended with the Drummerholics, a drumming performance complete with flying sticks. The combination of music and geocaching made for many memorable experiences.

Photo by Frau Potter

Another theme from the Mega-Event was support for hearing impaired geocachers. Beethoven was deaf by the time he was 44 years old. The Mega-Event had a Lab Cache to solve with sign language, a singing performance from children using sign language, and help from a generous geocacher, Zoe Blues, who provides sign language interpretation for the deaf community at Mega/Giga-Events in Germany. 

Photo by Bryan

Signal the Frog® was very popular at the Mega-Event. Geocachers lined up to take their photos for the Locationless Cache, GC8FR0G, in front of Signal or the official Signal banner.  

Photo by GeoKars

We were grateful for the opportunity to attend the event and meet so many enthusiastic geocachers!