Le Tchien Bodu — Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by ZweiOrmers
N 49° 26.133 W 002° 39.333

This Geocache of the Week is a rare breed. Cachers will find the cache in question, Le Tchien Bodu GC21T4K, on the island of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands located off the coast of France. At first glance it may seem like just a Letterbox Hybrid on the Guernsey coastline, but geocachers who dare to search for this one will be rewarded with multiple stages taking them off the beaten path, bringing them a unique view of the island and the satisfaction of another find.

Image by Chingola.

In addition to being a Letterbox, Le Tchien Bodu, also has multiple stages, making it a rare Letterbox-Multi-Cache Hybrid. The journey to find this unique geocache begins with starting coordinates on the Route de La Lague, by Rocquaine Bay, one of Guernsey’s rocky shingle beaches.  Here geocachers can catch a stunning view of the seaside. Cachers will want to hold on to this idyllic image as their hunt for the final coordinates takes them into darker and more unruly corners of the island.

Image by Rosy Dog.

As cache owner ZweiOrmers explains in the cache description, the name of the geocache, Le Tchien Bodu, is Guernesaiase for “the Evil Dog” or “the Dog of Death,” and comes from old Guernsey folklore. Le Tchien Bodu was a fearsome black dog with fiery eyes who prowled around Guernsey with a loud chain trailing behind him. A sighting of the dog was a bad omen, foreshadowing strings of DNFs for anyone who saw the terrifying creature. 

Image by twoapples.

Patience and determination are needed as the time required to find the logbook is estimated to be an hour and a half. The starting coordinates place cachers on the seashore where there is an entrance to the path that leads to the geocache’s first stage. As the path continues, the shoreline gives way to a path surrounded by dense greenery. Various Micro-sized containers are placed at the different stages leading cachers through the picturesque surroundings and guiding them to an old abandoned tunnel.

Image by Mr Crow.

Cachers will have to navigate through the eerie tunnel to make it to the large plastic tub containing the logbook. ZweiOrmers mentions that you will need an inkpad for the Letterbox stamp, a map to navigate along the paths, and that a flashlight is essential for the final coordinates, and perhaps also for protection from a beast of lore roaming the island.

Image by Tantchen•

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