New country souvenir, Réunion , with Geocache of the Week: LA PITON DE LA FOURNAISE

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S 21° 13.520′ E 055° 41.078′

Today, we released a new country/regional souvenir for Réunion. If you have found a geocache in Réunion, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Réunion is a secluded island in the Indian Ocean hundreds of kilometers away from the next landmass. Its remote atmosphere creates a tranquil escape for its visitors, and it is woven into the culture of those who live there. The coral reefs, forests, and volcanoes boast a lively array of species some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you want to lace up your hiking boots, strap on scuba gear, or lay out on the beach there’s never a geocache too far away. 

Image by Les Betty P 

Most of Réunion’s geocaches are easily accessible and you don’t need to stray too far to enjoy a pleasant view and an unforgettable sunset. For those looking for beaches and reefs, there are two caches right outside the capital that accomplish just that, GC43QYV and GC79ZVY. If your sense of adventure typically brings you to high altitudes, head inland to the Reunion National Park


The massive natural park is an official World Heritage Site consisting of gorges, coves, volcanic chambers, and 23 communities that span across almost half of the island. The mission of the park is to enrich and share knowledge about the area, as well as to safeguard the natural environment and species. It’s only fitting that many of the island’s EarthCaches are within the confines of the park.

Image by jawei 

One of the most popular points of interest is LA PITON DE LA FOURNAISE, an active 2,600 m (8,600 ft) volcano on the eastern side of the island. Your mission is to understand the area around you and estimate your altitude while standing at the coordinates. The caldera, a large crater, at the top is formed from past eruptions and as long as it isn’t erupting at the time, you can take a lovely photo on the edge to seal up your smiley as the final logging requirement. 

Image by Steukarl

From here you can see the island from a different perspective and appreciate how over centuries the volcanoes formed the tranquil habitat teeming with life that you see today.

Image by Masterle72 

 We know geocachers love country and regional souvenirs and we do too! We are releasing at least one new country/regional souvenir per month starting in January 2019. These new souvenirs will be featured alongside Geocaches of the Week in each region and shared on the third Wednesday of each month. Check out all of the Geocaching souvenirs here.

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