Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

Whether you’ve been geocaching for 20 minutes or 20 years, you’ve benefited from the efforts of dedicated geocaching volunteers. Nearly 400 community volunteers and thousands of cache owners and Event hosts give their time generously to help geocachers all over the world enjoy their favorite game.

Community volunteers include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers, forum moderators, and translators. They perform their roles solely for the love of the game and because they enjoy helping others. Volunteers are also those who create high quality geocaches to inspire others, bring their local community together for social events, and serve on the planning committees for Mega and Giga-Events. They beta-test new features from Geocaching HQ, are active within their local geocaching organizations, and host Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) Events to give back to the environment where we play our game.

On May 22 (and every day), take some time to thank and celebrate the volunteers that give of themselves every day to make the geocaching world turn. They put in a lot of effort for you!

These are a few ways to show support and appreciation for geocaching volunteers today and throughout the year:

  • Send a note to your local reviewers or thank them on social media. Hearing they are appreciated means a lot to them.
  • Visit the Geocaching Forums and post some thanks to the forum moderators.
  • Contact your local geocaching organization and thank them for their work to support the game in your local area.
  • If you live in a non-English speaking country, thank your local translators on social media for making it possible for you to read the website and app in your own language.
  • Thank your favorite cache hider. They volunteer their time and creativity for the community, too!
  • Reach out to cachers that regularly host social events and CITO events and thank them for bringing geocachers together and improving relationships with land managers.

Here’s a little more about the different geocaching volunteers and how they support the community:

Community volunteer reviewers check every cache that is submitted for publication to ensure it meets the guidelines and aligns with all local laws and land policies. Every cache you find was published with the support of a community volunteer reviewer. They also work to keep the areas they review clear of abandoned cache containers.

EarthCache reviewers do the same specifically for EarthCaches. They use their knowledge of geology to help EarthCache owners create a good geology lesson about our Earth and its amazing natural features.

Forum moderators oversee the Geocaching Discussion Forums to ensure the discussions are positive, helpful, and on-topic.

Translators work to translate the Geocaching website, apps, and other resources into local languages all over the world. If you’re reading today’s blog in a language different from English, it is because community volunteer translators translated it for you!

Cache owners often take you to hidden local gems and have an eye for breathtaking locations. Their caches give direction to your epic caching journeys. They make the time spent at ground zero  memorable with their engineering abilities, impressive craftsmanship, and by reimagining everyday items into amazing caches. Here are some of the great cache hiders we interviewed in the past.

Event hosts highlight social aspects of geocaching. They may host monthly breakfast socials that you visited many times over the years, or organize elaborate Mega-Events hundreds of miles away that you look forward to attending for months. Lastly, they might bring people together to watch geocaching videos during GIFF season, or clean up the game board and give back to local land managers during CITO events.

Play testers beta-test new features from Geocaching HQ and provide valuable feedback to design and engineering teams at HQ. They help identify the final bugs and highlight the last missing pieces of functionality before a feature is released to the geocaching community.

How have geocaching volunteers contributed to your experience as a geocacher? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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