The world’s most socially distant geocaches

Many of us across the globe are still being asked to stay safe by staying home. Luckily, cooped up cachers can actually take inspiration from geocaches themselves! 

While the minimum distance between geocaches is fixed at 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters), some geocaches are a good deal farther apart. We’re counting down the five most socially distant caches—caches whose physical stages are the farthest apart from other caches!

1. L’une des caches les plus isolées du monde (GC51G4H)

This cache’s name really says it all—for non-francophiles, it translates as “One of the most isolated caches in the world!”. Located on New Amsterdam Island (technically part of The French Southern Territories/Antarctica), this cache is furthest from any other cache in the world. Accessible by boat only four times annually, it has unsurprisingly been found only three times since it was placed in 2014.

2. Norilsk cache (GC4RJV4)

Second on our list is this Traditional cache in Northern Russia. Placed in Norilsk, which is above the Arctic Circle and the world’s northernmost city, it has been found only once since 2013. 

3. Deep Gold (GC4W9H7)

Our third cache takes us on a deep dive with a geocaching treasure chest hidden under the sea. Not only is this cache located in the middle of the ocean, it’s also located 2431 m (7976 ft) below sea level. Unsurprisingly, this cache has never been found, although Cache Owner Die Lessies has returned to perform maintenance!

4. Erosion of the Mogadishu Coastline (GC887N1

The only EarthCache on our list is located in Somalia, in the Horn of Africa. With the longest coastline of any African nation, Somalia is the perfect spot to learn about the science of erosion. Placed recently in July of 2019, this geocache has yet to be found. 

5. Treasures of Suwarrow – Cook Islands (GC2EW9R

Our final socially distant cache is located on Anchorage Island, a tiny atoll in the South Pacific. Placed way back in 2010, It’s been found the most out of all the caches on our list—a grand total of four times!

What’s the most off the beaten track geocache you’ve found? Share your stories in the comments below!

Sarah is a French-speaking Marketing Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. She likes cats and musicals, but only separately. In her spare time you can find her knitting, snuggling her cat, and waiting impatiently for the next season of Cosmos.