Tips to turn a muggle into a geocacher

Geocaching is a great way to get outside and stay active while maintaining healthy social distancing. Maybe you’ve seen muggles express an interest in joining the fun, but don’t know where to start when they ask for your advice.

Well, we’ve got you covered with some trusty tips on turning a muggle into a geocacher:

Pack the basics. Set your muggle up for success with their own TOTT (Tools of the Trade). You can make them a beginners pack with everything you think they’ll need for the day. Consider including a pencil, SWAG to trade, and anything else the caches you’ve picked for the day require.

Sign ‘em up! Make sure they’ve set up an account before you venture out caching. There’s nothing worse than trying to download an app in the middle of a field with spotty cell service.

Vet your caches. Choose your caches carefully before you embark. A large cache with lots of Favorite points is probably more memorable than a nano on a guardrail. Likewise, a D4 or D5 cache might cause some unnecessary frustration. Look at size, Difficulty and Terrain rating, recent logs, and Favorite points to tailor a perfect first caching experience for your muggle. The goal is to have as few DNFs as possible!

Check the weather. You might love tromping through the woods in the 40° (4° C) sleet, but your muggle probably won’t. This might seem like common sense, but make sure they’re staying warm and dry (or cool if it’s hot where you are!) for an optimal first geocaching experience.

Know your resources. If you’re looking for ways to boost your geoteaching ability, or even a place to send your muggle to learn on their own, check out our Geocaching 101 page. There you’ll find everything you and your muggle will need to ensure their first geocaching outing is all smileys!

What are your best tips to turn a muggle into a geocacher?

Sarah is a French-speaking Marketing Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. She likes cats and musicals, but only separately. In her spare time you can find her knitting, snuggling her cat, and waiting impatiently for the next season of Cosmos.