Get your kids outside with geocaching

What do you do with a child or teenager who won’t ever put down their smartphone? How about an activity that gets everyone outside and includes their smartphone? Yep, you guessed it: geocaching. Activities like geocaching can help kids enjoy their time spent outside by using technology to nurture their relationship with the outdoors. Whether you have kids, tweens, or teens, here’s how to get started.

Getting your kids outside with geocaching, broken down by age group:

GeoKids (Seven and younger)
Choose easy geocaches, and oftentimes, the bigger the better. You want them to be able to find and grab the geocaches themselves. The unique feeling of discovery will keep your little explorers coming back for more! Plus, the bigger the cache the more likely you’ll find SWAG (toys and trinkets) for your little geocachers to trade and enjoy. A tip from all the parents out there, don’t forget snacks!

GeoTweens (Eight to 12 year olds)
Check out the Geocaching Action and Discovery kit to inspire the spirit of adventure. The included activity book guides kids through the adventure of geocaching, plus they’ll even have everything they need to hide one of their own someday. When out in the field, let them read the geocache description and navigate to the cache! One last important item to remember—snacks!

GeoTeens (13+)
With a new-found and growing independence, introducing teens to geocaching allows them to spread their wings while discovering new skills at the same time. From geography to navigation to puzzle solving, they may not even realize they’re learning! Encourage your teen to select geocaches with multiple Favorite points, as they often prove to be the most intriguing, introduce them to puzzle caches to exercise their brains, or suggest a Multi-Cache for an added adventure. Oh, and of course—pack snacks!

A love for geocaching and the outdoors begins with a simple step, trying it out! And packing snacks. What advice do you have for geocaching with your kids, tweens, or teens? Tell us in the comments below!