How the Shop Boyz stay safe during COVID-19

Shop Geocaching* is the official online store of Geocaching HQ, and carries a wide variety of geocaching supplies, tools, trackables and gear. The Shop Geocaching warehouse is located in Seattle, just a couple miles away from Geocaching HQ and is run by just five people, known as the Shop Boyz.

When COVID-19 first began impacting the Seattle area in March, the warehouse closed down to protect the safety of both the Shop Boyz and geocachers. In May, the State of Washington allowed the Shop to reopen as long as specific safety measures were taken. Learn how the Shop Boyz are staying safe during COVID-19.

The Shop team is committed to safety and has taken numerous measures to stay healthy and to keep each other and orders safe. While the list extends to 15 different safety protocols, here are just four ways the Shop team is staying safe so that they can keep serving the geocaching community.

  1. Though only a team of five, in order to practice safe social distancing, a maximum of two people are allowed in the warehouse at a time.
  2. Before going to work, the Shop team must take their temperature to ensure no fever. Upon arrival at work, hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds before working, and a mask must be worn when more than one person is present.
  3. The Shop team must wear gloves when both picking and packing orders, and use safe glove disposal techniques afterward.
  4. After each shift, they thoroughly disinfect and clean all door handles, faucets, and other high touch areas.

In addition to the ways the Shop Boyz are staying safe, don’t forget to follow our ten tips for safe geocaching. Plus, outfit your geocaching toolkit with a few new tools of the trade such as a face mask, BUFF, or touch tool to protect you from high-touch surfaces!

*Shop Geocaching ships retail orders to addresses in the United States and Canada. If you are not in the United States or Canada, visit one of our international distribution partners here.