Five art museums you didn’t know had geocaches nearby

Geocaching can often take you tromping through fields or poking around lamp posts in parking lots, but that doesn’t mean geocachers shy away from places that showcase arts and culture. From France, to Russia, to Argentina, if you’re looking for a way to convince your travel partner to find a cache, these are great options to start with! Here are five famous art museums you didn’t know had geocaches nearby.

The Museum: The Louvre in Paris, France
The Cache: Paris Index Fossils, GC6JDKD

Originally a medieval fortress, this sprawling complex was used as the Paris residence for French royalty, and is now the largest art museum in the world. Take a break from art to learn about geology! This EarthCache requires cachers to examine the fossils that can be found in the stones used to build the museum’s courtyard.

The Museum: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, USA
The Cache: Stone Face, GC4D7A

“The Met” is the largest art museum in the USA, with over two million works of art ranging from Washington Crossing the Delaware to a complete Ancient Egyptian temple. Trip up the stairs as you channel your favorite Met Gala attendee as you examine the facade and count the stone faces to complete the logging requirement for this Virtual Cache.

The Museum: State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Cache: Garden of forgotten gods, GC7W700

Founded by Catherine the Great, this art museum holds the largest collection of paintings in the world. Originally a small and exclusive museum, it is now open to the public and has expanded to include the Winter Palace, the residence of the Tsars before the Russian Revolution. The cache is located in a small courtyard hidden in the heart of Saint Petersburg which would be easy to miss if you’re not a geocacher!

The Museum: National Museum of China in Beijing, China
The Cache: Old Legation Quarter 东交民巷, GC7CJTC

Located in Tiananmen Square, this museum was founded in 2003 when the Museum of the Chinese Revolution merged with the National Museum of Chinese history. The museum exists to educate visitors about the arts and history of China. Cleverly hidden in a side street away from the main bustle of the square, this cache nevertheless requires stealth to avoid the many muggles present!

The Museum: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Cache: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, GC84QNP

With the largest public collection of art in South America, this museum displays paintings from great European artists as well as a large collection of Argentine and South American art. Located within view of the imposing facade, this cache is an easy grab, and the perfect cherry on top of a great day at the museum!

Do you like to add caching to your museum visits? Which geocaches near art museums would you add to this list? 

Sarah is a French-speaking Marketing Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. She likes cats and musicals, but only separately. In her spare time you can find her knitting, snuggling her cat, and waiting impatiently for the next season of Cosmos.