Caches that are recommended for kids

If you’re tall or small, if you’re green or blue, there is a cache that is best suited for you. With Attribute Search, it has become easier to find just those caches. To curate a list of some of the best caches for kids, we filtered by the attribute Recommended for kids, sorted our results by Favorite points, and picked different locations to give you some of the best caches for our youngest geocachers.

Daniel Düsentriebs Pausenspass (A5), GC53WQV
Difficulty (D) 2 / Terrain (T) 1.5
4403 Favorite points

“Are we there yet?” Gyro Gearloose (or Daniel Düsentrieb as he’s known in Germany) gives you and your kids a well deserved break when traveling on Germany’s highway A5. Located at a rest stop, you have to stop your engine and rev up your brain to unlock the tool that will reveal the logbook.

Photo by Bold1

Kermis #9 – Bonus, GC4WKAK
Difficulty (D) 1.5 / Terrain (T) 1.5
2456 Favorite points

Motivating your kids to go on a walk can be hard, but this cache series by cache owners remralcache is perfect to get your little ones out of the house. Based on a carnival theme, all nine caches on the route are made with creativity and craftsmanship. 

Note: Kermis #7 is currently disabled, but you can still find all other caches in the series.

Photo by HappieS at Kermis #3 (GC4WKA4)

Helsinki City Museum, GC2K3K9
Difficulty (D) 1 / Terrain (T) 1
2328 Favorite points

One other activity our youngins are often less fond of is visiting a museum. You’re probably not surprised that the solution here is once again a fun geocache. Located inside the Helsinki City Museum is this always dry, coin and SWAG filled treasure box that’s sure to delight.

Photo by NiMa&theBlackdog

Auto Art, GCJ8M8
Difficulty (D) 1 / Terrain (T) 1
Favorite points: 769
United States

The place this Virtual leads you to will amaze the whole family. Local artist Richard Schaefer creates larger than life sculptures made out of recycled metal and automotive parts. Even if your kids aren’t car enthusiasts or obsessed with bugs, they will love the colorful art.

Photo by dolemite9

Za prazskymi vodniky (Water Sprites in Prague), GC1CXR3
Difficulty (D) 2.5 / Terrain (T) 1.5
850 Favorite points

This creative Wherigo introduces your kids to a part of local folklore in Prague, the so-called Water Sprites. Characters ranging from naughty to nice lead you on a one km (.6 mi) tour of Kampa Island.

Photo by japat

The Sword In The Stone, GC27N0W
Difficulty (D) 2.5 / Terrain (T) 2.5
810 Favorite points
United States

This magical geocache inspired by stories of knights and adventures features no other than the famous sword in the stone. Geocachers young and old can try their luck to pull the large blade from its rock in order to “scribe thy name” as cache owner Diehard50248 puts it. Embark on this journey only if you think you’re one of the chosen!

Photo by MN Lost Boy

Did we miss some of the most playful caches in your part of the world? Share your kid friendly favorites in the comments!

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