Five ways to add geocaching to your day

Regular geocaching plays an important role in maintaining a positive outlook, sufficient levels of daily fun, and promoting good times for all. The more we geocache, the more we hone our geo-senses, and the more smileys we earn! It’s a win-win if you ask us (and we’re not biased at all). So, here are five ways to add geocaching to your day.

  1. Incorporate geocaching into your morning routine
    Starting your day with geocaching is a great way to energize your morning! You can start small with simply checking for Instant notifications for new caches nearby and work your way up to incorporating geocaching into your fitness routine.
  2. Find a geocache on your lunch break
    Work-related stress is a contributing factor to many health issues, so taking a quick break during the day actively encourages you to switch off and relax, reducing your risk of burnout. With geocaching you can appreciate the beautiful surroundings, have an adventure, and take some time to recharge before heading back to work.
  3. Combine geocaching with your other hobbies
    Geocaching complements many hobbies. Add geocaching to your other activities for a fun combination you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
    From biking to paddling, and even climbing or diving, there’s sure to be a geocache to complement your hobby!
  4. Turn your daydreams into reality
    We’ve compiled a list of geocaching daydreams that appeal to every type of geocaching dreamer. Relax and let your mind wander to these amazing locations or use Lists to start planning your next geocaching adventure.
  5. Find a cache while you walk the dog
    Sheila (Cazador66) uses the long walks her active dog needs to add geocaching to her day, “combining [the dog’s] walk and mine with geocaching is the perfect solution,” says Sheila. Whether it’s in the morning or evening, geocaching and geo-pets go hand in paw!

How do you incorporate geocaching into your everyday? Share in the comments!